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Watch a Video in another Room 2002/12/18

Posted by Daddy Dave in Tips and Tricks.
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A pal of mine was very grateful for this idea, as it allowed him to watch a video in his bedroom without moving his VCR machine!  I did this in a flat I had quite a few years ago, but there is no reason to think it wouldn’t still work.

Basically, the set up is like this: in a block of flats there is an antenna mounted on the roof, with two coaxial cables connected such that one cable travels down the front roof to the front of the property and the other travels down the back… the idea being to serve a TV set in a room at the front of the property — such as the living room, and a TV set in a room at the back — perhaps the bedroom or kitchen.

The signal is received by the antenna and travels down both wires to the TV sets.

In the front room, there is a VCR machine connected between the antenna and the TV set.  The incoming signal from the antenna passes through the VCR.

What you need to get is a Y-piece splitter adapter for the VCR machine. What you want to do is reverse the signal direction… play a video tape and instead of the signal going to the TV set in the front room, you send the signal up the coaxial cabel to the antenna on the roof!

The signal passes through the antenna and down the other coaxial cable, down the back to the other TV set!

Simple!  You press “Play” and watch the video in the other room without fuss!