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‘The Gotan Project’ 2003/04/23

Posted by Daddy Dave in Music, nights out.
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Ruth and I fancied popping along to ‘the Arches’ to see those French Techo-Salsa fools ‘The Gotan Project’ — and it turned out that Young Dave and The Big Yin were going too!

So we made it a group. It was a very good night indeed – and incredibly busy too. Interesting ideas, we got back and wrote a dual guitarre piece with a latino favour! (yeah, right).



‘Respiro’ 2003/04/04

Posted by Daddy Dave in Movies, nights out.
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Ruth and I popped along to the GFT with mumsie — and had a great time with 'Respiro' (subtitled Italian) — so refreshing to be away from Hollywood crap.

Aaah, it was like being on holiday!