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‘Kill Bill Vol 1’ 2003/10/27

Posted by Daddy Dave in Movies, nights out, Reviews.

Just returned from Parkhead Forge cinema and Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill vol.1'

I was a huge fan of 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction', and I enjoyed 'Jackie Brown', but 'Kill Bill vol.1' is very different indeed.

Whereas the others had plots and scripts, interesting characters, choice actors, great editing and pacing, few 'special effects', pretty low budgets — and no actual violence, 'Kill Bill vol.1' was all expensive special effects, overwhelmingly graphic (and ridiculous) violence and gore, thin characterisations and zero ideas or plot.

What a disappointment indeed.

It is sad to see women descending to that male-primitive level.

I could not — and did not want to — suspend disbelief because the bad outweighed the good.

Who cares if a bad person kills another bad person — or hundreds of bad people.

Good — let them all die!

She lost her baby… oh dear, but then she kills a mother in front of her daughter anyway, and women as carers, nurturers and birthers is shot to pieces, leaving a distasteful void behind.

The film did not engage the audience, did not relate at all to anything current or half-way relevant or realistic.

It addressed no great questions or issues.

The music was crap, there were no quotes and one-liners, no drama, no beginning middle and end — no resolution.

It had no redeeming features.

I believe it has many hidden references to minor genre films — but so what?

Does that ensure a cult following?

The public is so starved of good filmed entertainment just now that the figures will be high at the box office for this one – the trouble is that success makes the makers believe they've hit on something we actually want – and then will continue to supply it (the very thing that made Tarantino different in the first place).

I would not recommend this film to anyone — if you like martial arts, see Lee or Chan, if you like horror — even if you like Tarantino — go see something else!


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