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Cottier Cold 2003/11/29

Posted by Dave in Music, nights out, Reviews.

Ruth and I went to 'The Cottier' to see 'Zuba' perform live.

We were looking forward to going with Joobes, Mumsie and maybe Ina and new boyfriend. Joobes and Mumsie came over, ate pasta and decided they were too tired after Christmas shopping, so we went along on our own.

'The Cottier' is a far from good venue — it's a converted Victorian Gothic church (complete with steeple), and it doesn't really 'fit' it's new purpose… (more…)

Clevo Laptop 2003/11/22

Posted by Dave in Reviews.

Last month we got our Clevo laptop built by Priceless (the Railway Arches on Commerce St). We do not like the trend to larger laptops; what’s the point? Laptops are supposed to be small! The PLESS27D, at 14.1 inches diagonal screen size is plenty for us. A Big hard drive is not very important — in fact a very large one just (more…)

Saveheat of Ayr 2003/11/01

Posted by Dave in Reviews, Whinge.
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This is a classic rip off story: I stupidly paid them the final bit of cash before the work on my bathroom was complete (D’Oh!).  I kick myself; and I have never seen them again – and they’re still out there.  In addition to this – their work was incomplete, shoddy and downright dangerous too.

Protected: D & I Scott 2003/11/01

Posted by Dave in Musings, Reviews, Whinge.
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