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Don’t Hide Chris! 2003/12/08

Posted by Dave in Music, Reviews.

[Picture of Chris Hide]I seriously try to avoid ‘Pop Idol’ but Ruth watches it for reasons that bewilder me.  Those auditions are not entertaining at all! I just don’t understand why anyone would want to listen to really bad singing. Like ‘You’ve Been Framed’, if it’s funny, it’s only funny once

‘Pop Idol’ is in it’s second series now, and it is already being exploited by talentless twats who simply want to be outlandish enough to appear on TV, maybe meet Pete Waterman or Simon Cowell or whatever (who knows what goes through their minds?).  This could be what makes the programme have a shelf-life — it can only exist in its present format until people start to abuse it — and they most certainly will.  It’ll be exactly the same with ‘Big Brother’ — each year brings people who are more media-savvy than the year before.

Anyway, as I said, Ruth watches it and so I leave the room and paint or fix something. That’s the way it is.  By the time the auditions and early stages were over, I had done all the macho chores around the house that could possibly be done!  So, rather than knock down walls or redecorate, I would leave the room to restring a guitar, do some oil painting, work on some HTML or cook something.

Under these conditions I heard the contestant they called ‘The Vicar’ – a chap called Chris Hide. Of all the contestants that got to the later stages, Chris Hide had the best voice, the best breathing, the best range, the best control and was head-and-shoulders above the competition.  Naturally he got voted off over Mark.

I say ‘Naturally’ because that is how good he was — too good for ‘Pop’ — too good for a ‘pop show’!  This guy is 100% NOT a ‘Pop Star’ or a ‘Pop Idol’.  Thank goodness he is out… for a few nasty weeks I thought that either the general public (i.e. teeny-bopping girls) had suddenly developed taste or else I was beginning to lose the plot!

Quite honestly, Chris Hide is the only person I have heard on TV for years (and I mean many years) that I would go see in concert or buy his work on CD or whatever.  Seriously.

A couple of times — and bear in mind that I am listening in another room — Chris has brought a shiver and tingle to the nape of my neck — what a fabulous singer he is.  I really do hope he is able to go on and be a real musician in a real world away from the superficial ‘pop’ chart sales world; I want to hear more. Simple as that.

Looks are often quoted as a factor — Michelle is large, Chris looked like a ‘vicar’ and so forth… and let’s be honest here, a ‘pop’ idol is an ‘idol’ to kids — someone to look up to, someone of influence — can we risk having a fattie as a role model? (As if that would happen anyway)!

Yes, in ‘Pop’ looks are probably more important after all they can always lip sync/ mime or whatever.  The greats in music would not get past the auditions — think of Annie Lennox, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Pavarotti…

C’mon Chris — don’t be disheartened, now is your chance to be your own man and your own artist. I do hope so. And Ruth agrees — so there!


1. Matt - 2007/04/17

http://www.chrishideuk.com/ (it’s a macromedia flash site and it will automatically play a track of Chris singing) or http://www.myspace.com/chrishide

2. Hide Fan - 2007/12/17

‘Simon Cowell had earlier called Chris’ version of Winter Wonderland his “highlight of the series so far”.’

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