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‘L’Ultimo Bacio’ 2004/03/02

Posted by Dave in Movies, nights out, Reviews.

What can I say…? 'L'Ultimo Bacio' (which Ruth and I saw in the extremely loud UGC) is an excellent film indeed; filled to brimming with every conceivable emotion writ large! European films capture humanity and passion in a way beyond anything Hollywood could attempt, and do so without reliance on autour cinematography, stylistic affectations, special effects, terminal illnesses, incredible injustices or fabulously rich orchestration.

'One More Kiss' is an European 'Friends'.

It's filled with great, completely believable acting, sublime direction, and a good pace for editing. The scripts must have been as thick as a telephone directory too!

A Dickens with Mobile Cell phones, it has everything — it shows people — young, middle and old, it touches on weddings, death and birth, love and sex, boys and girls — and whether any of us ever grows up — or grows away from yearnings and 'what-ifs'.

The force of change and destiny — and the effect on relationships is central; One chap has a passionate obsession and love unrequited, a young girl too.

Love is lost and replaced for a mature lady and her past fling, the threat of fatherhood, of settling down for a young man.

Age differences, the break up of the 'guys' as they grow older, and the dream to escape from it all.

The gigolo, the son resisting the demand of the family business — all are here, and it's wonderfully interwoven to produce a nightmare of a synopsis.

Never a dull moment in this film — and it has truth (so you sort-of guess what probably will happen at each stage, but you are compelled to see if these characters can bring it off).

The film does not show objects of desire — cars, clothes, food, lifestyle.

This is because the stories are true of all westerners (not specifically Italian); no one drinks espresso or eats pasta in the film, you don't get a good look at the sets – houses, offices, or streets.

Even the wedding scenes give no useful information!

This film is one for chatting about after — and as you do, it gives more and more. So go see it.


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