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Cheesy ‘Footloose’ 2004/05/23

Posted by Dave in Music, nights out, Reviews.

"They Dared to Dance!"

We got tickets to see the 'Footloose' cheezefest (footcheesefest?) on tour at 'King's Theatre', Glasgow at 20:00.

This musical is footloosely based on the Kevin Bacon 1984 film complete with catchy hit record by Kenny Loggins, if I remember rightly.

The show's top forty score has been nominated for an 'Oscar' and a 'Tony', and from the same stable as 'Fame' and 'Saturday Night Fever'.

Cheezy 80s songs include: 'Holding Out for a Hero', 'Almost Paradise', 'Let's Hear It for the Boy' and of course the title track 'Footloose'.

Set in small town 'Beaumont' where dancing is banned, everything changes when a new kid arrives from Chicago with uncontrollable feet! Top Cheeze!

This young rebel-without-a-disco hooks up with a minister's tearaway daughter and clashes with her father. So it's the story of my life. The cast includes Cassidy Janson, Chris Jarvis, Rachel Wooding and Taylor James, and the show tours until it hits London's 'West End'.



1. olorinsledge - 2006/06/23

I remember seeing this movie in person when it first came out in the cinemas in New Zealand – I would have been around 6 to 8 I guess.

A bit of an 80’s classic, at least for people my age and slightly older, tthe theme song still reminds me of the movie all these years later…

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