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‘Oh! What a Night!’ 2004/11/10

Posted by Dave in Music, nights out, Reviews.

So, there we were, at the "Hit Show", 'Oh! What a Night', starring Kid Creole ('Brutus T. Firefly'), when — during the final number (ironically 'Burn, Baby, Burn') — the fire alarm went off and we were evacuated to St.Vincent St. to watch the Fire Engines screech to a halt outside.

At least it was not raining, and the crowds from the 'Theatre Royal' were soon allowed back in (it was a false alarm) for the troupe to finish their song! Super Troopers all of them.

They had just arrived in the UK, and this was their debut!

The real star of the show was the wonderful Hazel Payne ('Roxie Rochelle') — boy, can she sing! A fine pair of lung on that girl… any real fire she could have blown out all by herself!

We all were amused that the show featured a character named "Jack Vettriano" — did the writers not know that this is also the name of one of our most popular fine artists?

Tonight was fun indeed!


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