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Mother & Baby Show 2005 2005/03/05

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.

Well, it had to happen sometime I suppose. Not that we had to actually like it, but we do have to get on with the inevitables. Yes, we parents had to leave our baby for a few hours in the hands of a babysitter. Ugh!

Mum and daughter are home a couple of days… but we need everything! So there was no avoiding it; we had to get to the Mother and Baby Expo at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre (SECC), and we just felt it was the lesser evil to leave her with a babysitter as opposed to catching some dreadful bug from the teeming hoards.

Not for one minute did Olivia leave our minds, and we rushed to the SECC, parked on the southside and darted over the Bell’s bridge across the Clyde, rushed around the expo’s perimeter, then inward until we’d had a global overview.

Then we systematically did the real nappy stalls, and tried out ‘travel systems’ on an assault course. We could not locate a sling — and the best we got for this and a few other things was to either go on-line or visit Toys’R’Us.

So we left.

We grabbed a quick espresso before heading off to Toys’R’Us at Govan — but no, everything we wanted was for English Toys’R’Us stores, not here, and not the only other Scottish one either —

  • They suggested we shop on-line!

After all that we raced home to find that all was well with the baby after all! Dave summed it up:

‘Basically, the way to go is to shop on-line. Read reviews on-line. Forget Reality. Forget the shops.’

So, was the expo of any use? Well, although it was really crowded, we did manage to see and feel stuff (you can’t do that on-line), so it was not a complete dead loss. We think we know what ‘travel system’ to get now — it’s just a question of actually getting it on-line.
I must say, however, that I am very surprised — I had thought we would have seen special deals, bargains for cash or trade fair discounts — or even something new and fabulous… the Internet certainly has changed everything!

  • The Baby was early. We need everything. I’m going to go on-line now…


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[…] However, at the DISAPPOINTING SECC exhibition on Saturday there were no deals going. It was almost a complete waste of time — the one saving grace was that MotherCare had a ‘travel system’ ASSAULT COURSE of chairs, stairs, kerbs, loose gravel paths, steep inclines and so forth. Brilliant! And what a laugh Dave and I had! Every one we tried failed or overturned (all the 3-wheelers). We were surprised, but the best BY FAR in all respects was the Inglesina Zippy! It was the most manoeuvrable, and solid/sturdy yet lightweight. I could lift it and open it with one hand, and it fitted into my car boot. […]

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