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The Evolve Changer 2005/03/06

Posted by Dave in Baby, Reviews.

[Picture of the “Evolve Changer - Millie & Boris” by Mamas & Papas]A Big Thank-You to Ruthie’s sister and mother for their wonderful gift for baby Olivia — an ‘Evolve Changer’ from ‘Mamas & Papas‘. We’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s been well used since everyone got home recently.
It is a light-weight, but very stable, changing table (Millie & Boris pattern – whatever that is/ they are!). The table top is wipe-clean plastic on foam, so it will be soft for Olivia and practical for mum. It is the right height for Ruthie to change the baby. There are handy wipe-clean plastic trays with indentations for the nappies, wipes and so forth — which form part of the structure along with the tubular frame.

There are castors at one end, so the table can be moved about like a trolley when the near-side is lifted. Not having castors at both ends makes it safer and far more stable.

The baby changing table is hinged — so it can swing up to the perpendicular to reveal a plastic baby bath. There is a wee clear drain tube which we allow to drain into the bidet. This hose has a clip to prevent drips (water cannot run up the hose) as it clips to the frame in an upright manner.

We fill the bath using a hair-washing basin set — a plastic Y piece connects three hoses. At the end of one hose is a shower spray head. At the end of the other two hoses are rubber connectors for push fitting over wash basin taps. The result is a mixture of hot and cold water at the spray — but we don’t worry too much about that as we are merely filling a baby bath from the wash basin’s taps and draining to the bidet.

We suspect that it was probably overly expensive, but it is a gem — we keep it in Olivia’s room for changing, and keeping everything together, wheeling it through to the bathroom only when it’s bath time — for which the trolley aspect is a boon. All-in-all it seems a good piece of kit.


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