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The Pram 2005/03/07

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.
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I am beginning to panic; we still have nothing. We need a pram and we need it badly. However, it turns out you don’t get mere prams any more; it’s a ‘travel system!’!

‘What’s that?’ I hear you ask (that was our reaction too)… a ‘travel system’ is a stroller chassis with a washable cover and additional features — a detachable car seat, shopping basket, brakes and more… much more!

This is a fascinating hidden world of design and technology — it’s quite obvious that men are now involved in child rearing because ‘travel systems’ have glossy brochures and hi-tech credentials. There’s a ‘travel system’ made by McLaren — although I’m not sure if that’s the same McLaren that does ‘Formula One’. Off-road or ‘all terrain’ ‘travel systems’ have inflatable chunky tyres with an inner tube and pump. You can go on mountains, mud tracks or sandy beaches — and JOG (for ‘eaven’s sakes!) — using the wrist strap (in case you lose the baby in mid stride), and some even have GEARS! Independent suspension, alloys, graphite, you’d be amazed at what’s out there!

JoggerNipper Sport

The fashion of the minute seemed to be for three wheelers — almost all the yuppies we saw were using the 3-wheel system.

Well, it was all very confusing, and as they are all about half-a-grand represented a considerable investment. They have to conform to all sorts of safety regulations, and the car seat component has to fit my car — as well as Dave’s. Not easy.
My hubby Dave is a designer, so he was enthralled with it all. The one he first seemed to be into was the Stokke system:

[picture of Stokke xplory]

It has to be said that Stokke seem to have designed from scratch — all on one pole, able to be folded for turnstiles, elevators, escalators and subway trains! Wow! And fantastic for restaurants and bistros as a high-chair! Dave loved it — and we played around with some in the famous Glasgow Pram Centre ages ago. It seemed very clever, but the problem was that we do not have that lifestyle of elevators and turnstiles. Pity.

He also loved the Quinny Buzz (which seems to have won magazines and design prizes galore) — but we went right off it once we’d played around with it — as with all three-wheelers (we found) — it was FAR LESS STABLE that the traditional four-wheel chassis. really. We cannot understand why 3-wheelers are so popular! We simply would not take the risk of putting Olivia into such an unstable thing!

Quinny BUZZ Bugaboo

With the Quinny Buzz scored through, Dave’s next favourite was the Bugaboo Frog which had four wheels again. It seemed to be between the Bugaboo and the Stokke, we thought that we would wait until the 5th March at the SECC show to make a final decision — and maybe get a deal.

However, at the DISAPPOINTING SECC exhibition on Saturday there were no deals going. It was almost a complete waste of time — the one saving grace was that MotherCare had a ‘travel system’ ASSAULT COURSE of chairs, stairs, kerbs, loose gravel paths, steep inclines and so forth. Brilliant! And what a laugh Dave and I had!
Every one we tried failed or overturned (all the 3-wheelers). We were surprised, but the best BY FAR in all respects was the Inglesina Zippy! It was the most manoeuvrable, and solid/sturdy yet lightweight. I could lift it and open it with one hand, and it fitted into my car boot.

Our Zippy

The four double wheels make it extremely stable. The front wheels can lock or swivel — it’s really zippy and manoeuvrable for shops. The bar unclips and the car seat clicks on so that Olivia is facing me. There’s plenty of room for shopping, and (of course) for all the stuff babies need — nappies, bottles and the rest.

It’s all down to lifestyle. We live in a flat, but we have two cars. We decided that we would never take the pram up the stairs. Instead, we would keep it in my car’s boot. The baby would be strapped into the car seat before I leave the flat, carried safely down the stairs to the car — and if I am driving somewhere, then I would strap it into the back seat of the car — and I would always have the pram with me, so I would take the baby round the shops at my destination. Without driving, I simply get the pram out, attach the car seat and that’s it.

The beauty of this idea is that when Olivia’s asleep after a drive or a pram ride, she is undisturbed — I simply detach the seat belt or unclick the car seat from the pram which is popped into the boot. She’s lifted in the car seat still asleep until we’re in the flat.

We had to face facts: we do not go ‘off road’ or take the baby jogging. We do not take the pram on public transport — buses, underground trains, trams, through turnstiles or up and down lifts. We are not planning a beach vacation with this pram. And we refuse to have a pram blocking up our hallway or being chained to a railing downstairs.

We will go for walks, we will go round the local shops. We will drive to big shopping malls and other places where we will need a pram to carry Olivia as well as the bags of shopping. The Zippy was the best choice for us as a result.

Well, that’s the theory anyway. We’ll keep you posted on this blog if it turns out to be a bad decision; I have just ordered it today on-line (where else)!


1. CrossRef - 2006/07/02
2. Tom James - 2006/11/10

The variety out there today is amazing.

3. Ben Jafri - 2007/11/09


Man wins running race (even though he had a pram with his kid inside)!

4. Idetrorce - 2007/12/15

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

5. admin - 2008/01/06
6. Wayne - 2008/09/22

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