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The Contented Little Baby 2005/04/02

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Reviews.

[Picture of Gina Ford's Book Cover]In the last stages of my pregnancy, I bought a wonderful ‘Baby Help’ book from Amazon: The New Contented Little Baby Bookby Gina Ford. Once Olivia and I were home, I tried to implement Gina’s schemes with varying rates of success. I guess every baby is his or her own person, and that we might be lucky with Olivia’s temperament — or maybe Gina Ford is a complete genius. Who knows — maybe it’s a bit of both. Anyway, we feel confident enough to recommend her book.

We felt that she was right in getting the baby into a routine as soon as possible — and I got Dave to get the ball rolling with the Nursery Black Out Curtains she recommends.

We got a small local firm (‘Crescent’ — 61 Cartside St, Langside, Glasgow, G42 9TL — Tel: 0141 632 9895) and the curtains I picked were light in colour and fun — the pattern is mad drawings of zoo animals! The black out lining surprisingly was not black, but white! The nursery faces south and has a large window (about one metre wide by over two metres high) — so it would not only be a challenge, but totally necessary!

What a difference these heavy curtains make! In bright sunlight, we can put the baby in her cot and draw the curtains to make the room almost completely jet black — and they also keep the temperature more constant and also deaden the sound of the traffic and nearby school playground. This is all helped by some Velcro strips at the sides. We also got a pelmet, rail, hooks, and tie-backs — as well as the visits and complete installation.


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