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Baby Sling 2005/04/07

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.

Well, we eventually got the baby sling we wanted, on-line of course! We got it last week from a fabulous seller on eBay called ‘Kids_are_cheaper_by_the_dozen’.

They also have a website called ‘Freedom Slings’ and they are a local Scottish family-run small business — what more could be better?

The one we bought was a ‘Freedom Pouch’ in ‘sand’ colour (just like the picture — although that isn’t me or Ollie!! — we just nabbed it from their website). It is just perfect for our wee Olivia!

[Picture of a baby in a sand coloured Freedom Pouch just like ours]
The sling has been brilliant, Dave loves it! (he’s using it the most at the moment). We are back to our evening walks and Olivia soon drifts off to sleep… we have even used the sling to get her off to sleep some nights. It is so simple just to put her in the sling and pop out to the supermarket, people don’t even realise there is a baby in there, until she makes a sound. The look of surprise and even shock is quite funny. Dave says:

‘I just love the magical effect it has on her — she can be bawling the house down, yet within a minute of being put in the sling and my wearing it to just walk up and down the hallway, she’s asleep!

‘I feel very close to the baby when I’m wearing it, must be a “bonding thing”, I dunno, it’s just a really nice feeling!

‘It’s nice when Ruth and I have no prams or anything, and we’re hands-free, so it’s a real boon. I love it!’

So that’s a ‘thumbs-up’ from the father then! :-)


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