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Baby Einstein Language Nursery 2005/05/02

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.

Today we received delivery of our Baby Einstein (Walt Disney) DVDs all the way from China!

[Picture of Our Chinese Baby Einstein Santa Boxed Set]

The boxed set contained 15 DVDs and only cost a total of £15.00 — including postage and packaging all the way from from China! At the Baby Einstein website each individual DVD retails at $19.99 — which is more or less £10.00 per DVD —  meaning we would have paid at least £150, not to mention postage and packing from the USA! We think a 90% discount is a very good deal, so thanks China — and eBay again!  Here's the list of discs:

  • Baby Noah (Animal Expedition)
  • Baby Neptune (Discovering Water)
  • Baby Newton (Discovering Shapes)
  • Baby Van Gogh (World of Colour)
  • Baby da Vinci (From Head to Toe)
  • Baby Beethoven (Symphony of Fun)
  • Baby Bach (Musical Adventure)
  • Baby Mozart (Music Festival)
  • Baby Shakespeare (World of Poetry)
  • Baby McDonald (A day on the Farm)
  • Baby Galileo (Discovering the Sky)
  • Numbers Nursery
  • Neighborhood Animal
  • World Animals
  • Language Nursery

The important thing is that Olivia loves the DVDs, her favourite at the moment seems to be the Beethoven one, although we haven't worked our way through them all yet.  She really does seem mesmerised by them — we find that it keeps her concentrating and interested for the length of the DVD… giving us time to get on with other things!

It's kind-of Sesame-Streety, but (thankfully) not very US American… it defeats the educational purpose if we have to correct the spelling and pronounciations! 


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