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The Cot Bed 2005/05/09

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.

We couldn’t see a good cot or cot bed in the shops or at the Mother and baby show, so I searched around on-line and found a real bargain on eBay.

It was actually from a great company in Birmingham, called ‘Just Kidding’ (just-kidding.com). I went for the Victoria cot bed (a name used by well-known brands) — the instructions say ‘Victoria/ Elizabeth cot bed’, but I reckon that just means the instructions are for both the Elizabeth and the Victoria, rather than the cot bed being known as Victoria/ Elizabeth!

I paid just £139.99 in total — and that included delivery and packing as well as the mattress (most cots and cot beds exclude the mattress). That’s a real bargain, and I am very pleased indeed… (thanks to “The_pro_trader” and eBay).

Once again the couriers delivered it without fuss (and within a few days of ordering), and Dave said it only needed the supplied zig-zag Allan key to put it together.

Having said that, Dave already had a correct size of Allan key — but he had sawn off the L-shaped end to leave a straight hex bar. This is what he used to assemble the cot bed in minutes — he simply attached this hex bar into his cordless drill (instead of a drill bit or screw-driver attachment), and pressed the trigger to speed up the whole process! saves all the hand-turning nonsense! Brilliant!

We set the bed base and mattress at the highest position, and it’s great not to have to bend down far. Olivia took to it immediately. Her wee room is now a ‘proper’ nursery at last!

I will take the old pram we got from Dave’s sister Peg to the Charity shop tomorrow.


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