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‘The Libertine’ 2005/11/30

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I remember hearing or reading a couple of news stories regarding 'The Libertine' — one was that the star, Johnny Depp, was being hounded by fans during filming, and the other was that because of some tax changes by Tony Blair's government, filming in the UK had to be stopped and everyone went abroad (to the Isle of Man in this particular case, if I remember rightly). Ironic/apt.

I had no big preconceptions beforehand, Johnny Depp being in it really does not give anything away, but I did think it appropriate later when I discovered that the film was about the second Earl of Rochester — a man who like Depp was hounded by adoring fans. Rochester was like a popstar back in the mid 1600s. (more…)


‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ 2005/11/28

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I have to say right out that I have NOT seen the 'original' Gene Wilder version — 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory', nor have I read the book, so (more…)

‘Batman Begins’ 2005/11/27

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Perversely, the written word, and therefore the imagination, has always been where the realism lies. Realism was first a problem for the stage and live performance arts, and now for television, movies and games. (more…)

‘De battre mon coeur s’est arrĂȘte’ 2005/11/06

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For Ruth's 30th, we went into the city centre for a night-out. First we went to the multi-storey cinema at the top of Renfield St — used to be called the UCG or UGC, but is now badged as "CineWorld" — and got two tickets for Mr.Jacques Audiard's 'De battre mon coeur s'est arrête'.

Then we strolled to 'Walkabout' for a quick drink before deciding to try out the authentic pizza from 'O' Sole Mio' — complete with famous genuine wood-burning, stone pizza oven. (more…)