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Multi-Media Hook-Up 2006/01/10

Posted by Dave in Tips and Tricks.

We get asked a lot about the set up of our TV (television receiver), VCR (video cassette recorder / player), DVD (digital versatile disc player) and Digibox (STB — set top box or digital television signal converter); we can record everything!

[Picture of general arrangement]First of all, we have everything on TOP of the TV set — this makes it easier to access as well as keeping everything away from toddlers.

The roof mounted antenna analog and digital signals come down the co-axial cable and straight into the Digibox’s female RF IN socket.

The digital signal leaves from the Digibox’s female SCART OUT, and enters the VCR’s female SCART IN.

The signal leaves via the VCR’s female RF OUT socket, down the co-axial cable and into the TV’s RF/ Antenna IN female socket.

You use the Digibox remote control to change channels and the TV remote control to adjust the volume, brightness etc. You can record digital channels being watched using the VCR’s remote control.

  • The TV is permanently set to the VCR channel.

Next, we have to integrate the DVD player…

[Picture of wiring hook up]Connect a SCART lead between the DVD’s female SCART OUT socket and the Digibox’s female SCART IN socket. That’s it!

When you turn on the DVD player, it will take over — the DVD signal will pass through the Digibox and then through the VCR to be shown on the TV set. You can record the DVD being watched in exactly the same way as recording the Digital TV channels.

You would then control the DVD being watched using the DVD remote control, but you would have to use the TV remote to control the volume, brightness etc.

Note: obviously if you get a fancy thin, flat TV monitor, then you will be unable to put all these devices on top! VCRs are supposed to be fast going out of fashion in favour of Satellite receivers with hard drives or DVD recorders. TVs with built-in digital receivers do away with the Digibox — so this is not for everyone — and not forever either, but it does what we want pretty well…

Digibox cost £30, VCR cost £25, DVD cost £30, so apart from the obligatory annual BBC TV Licence Fee/ TV Tax, for about £85 on top of the price of the telly, we can watch:

  • Digital freeview TV;
  • DVDs;
  • MP3s;
  • VHS tapes of old TV programmes recorded over the years;
  • VHS tapes of stuff transferred from super 8 celluloid
  • VHS tapes of stuff copied from cameras and other VCRs.

We can also listen to:

  • Digital radio;
  • MP3s on DVDs and CDs;
  • Audio CDs.

We can record onto VHS video cassette tapes:

  • DVDs;
  • Digital TV channels;
  • Digital radio audio;
  • MP3 audio tracks;
  • Audio CD tracks

We have hooked up a small Hi-Fi so we get great sound for watching DVD movies or when listening to MP3s form CDs and DVDs. We can also hook-up the laptop and also do amazing things with MP3 players! We have toyed with the idea of adding the video-senders we got ages ago from Lidl with a SCART hub so that we could incorporate our CCTV security cameras! Maybe we’ll get round to that one day! Great Fun!


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