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Mumsie’s Raspberry Fluff 2006/06/22

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Cooking.

[fluff with cream and mandarin oranges topping]An old family fluffy mousse recipe handed-down — I loved this when I was a wee girl.

Prep Time: 5 mins.,
Cooling Time: Maybe an hour,
Serves: 4 – 5.


  • Can Opener;
  • Pyrex Jug;
  • Mixing Spoon;
  • Electric Hand Blender or Electric hand whisk or old-fashioned medium size hand-whisk;
  • Bowl (200mm diam by about 50mm deep) — or several ramekins.

Shopping List:

  • 275ml Water [boiling];
  • 175ml Half Sized Can of Evaporated Milk;
  • 145g (one small sized can or half a big can) Raspberries;
  • 25g (one sachet) of Sugar-Free Raspberry Jelly;

.[Picture of a small Can of Evaporated Milk][Picture of a sachet of Jelly][Picture of a big can of Raspberries]

To Make Mumsie’s Raspberry Fluff:

[detail of fluff]Put boiling water into the bowl. Melt the contents of the jelly sachet into boiling water. Open the can of raspberries, pour the raspberry juice into the jelly mixture — leave to cool.

Open the can of evaporated milk, pour into jug and whip up using whisk/ blender then add raspberries and whisk again.

Add the whisked milky-berry mix to the now cooled jelly mixture and whisk yet again! Pour into the bowl or pour into large ramekins or wine glasses if desired.
Put in the ‘fridge and leave for about an hour.


The secret to success here is the whisking — the more the better; it has to be light and “fluffy” — the end product is a light raspberry MOUSSE.


1. Bernadette Pring - 2006/07/28

My Mum used to make fluffy jelly here in the Falkland Islands. I am making some tonight for a midwinter ball tomorrow night and just thought I would check my memory was right. Thanks alot for your input.

Katie Yeoman - 2010/08/21

Did you ever live in Plymouth, Devon? I used to know a Bernadette Pring from the Falklands years ago, but she lived in England. I lived on the same estate for awhile, staying with my sister Ann, who was married to a Royal Marine. Any chance it might be you??

Bernadette Pring - 2011/10/20

Hi Katie, yes it is the same Bernadette Pring – do get in touch X

2. Fabby Fruity Fudge! « devine - 2006/08/28

[…] Once upon a time I was getting myself all ready to make Mumsie’s Raspberry Fluff when I mistakenly bought a can of ‘Carnation Condensed Milk’ instead of Evaporated Milk.  Put this down to a mummy-brain moment! Once I had bought the Evaporated milk and made the Fluff, I was left wondering what to do with this tin of Condensed Milk… then I remembered… Fabby Fruity Fudge! Of course! Obvious really.  But for those unfamiliar with Fudgy matters…here’s the secret family recipe (ahem)… […]

3. Becky - 2007/01/30

Just to add to all that – THANK YOU!! I remember making lime jelly and evaporated milk mousse and when it was all ready to eat – you crumbled a chocolate flake bar over the top – nothing like the taste of lime and chocolate!!

Taylor - 2009/12/23

OMG!!! That sounds to die for

4. Helen - 2007/10/02

I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for ages. I used to make it in my cookery classes at school and loved it. I followed your recipe and although it was nice my evaporated milk part separated from the jelly so I was left with a bit of jelly on the bottom, then a layer of jelly with evaporated milk that had the consistency of blancmange and then a fluffy mousse on the top. I did all the whisking so what went wrong? Also it didn’t taste as creamy as I remembered it. Help!

5. Mummy Ruth - 2007/10/04

Hi Helen,
Sorry your fluffy jelly didn’t turn out as expected! The separation of the jelly and evaporated milk can sometimes happen if you use an electric blender instead of a whisk (possibly not enough air getting into the mixture?). With regards to the creaminess, I have no idea, but putting double cream on the top of the set fluff is always a good idea (but not if you are on a diet :). I will also make this again and see if I do something different to the instructions above! I will keep you posted…

6. Kent Richardson - 2009/07/09

Hi Ruth
as a kid i remember my mum making fluffy pudding. i had my kids around for the holidays so i decided to make some . i couldn’t remember the recipe so i called my dad, my mum had passed away a few years previously so i couldn’t ask her. dad was not very reliable so my eldest daughter went on to the computer and found you. now we are about to make some. i think that what you are doing is great
and to keep up the good work. we are the Richardsons and we have relations to the Devines and Moore familys. Ex britain and who settled in Hawkes bay New Zealand

7. Mary - 2009/09/17

HI Ruth,

I too just made this following your recipe, unfortunately, MIne, like Helen’s also split. Any ideas what could have happened? I remember getting this at school and it was so light, it nearly would have evaporated in your mouth!


8. Kay - 2009/10/01

Hi Mary

I think that you get a separation into layers when the jelly is not just on the point of setting when you mix it with the whisked evaporated milk, that is it may be a little too warm still. If the jelly is just about to set then it will do so held up by the air bubbles in the milk. Thus it will not sink down because of gravity setting a little while after at the bottom of the dish!

So, the jelly should be cool (but not set!) and having the milk refrigerator cold probably helps too. Good luck!

9. stanleysmum - 2009/10/21

hi, Cant believe i found out how to make it at last. I thought it was secret desert made up by my scotish grandad, and as i have recemtly lost both grandparents i was sad to think the secret had gone! little did i know 1. Thankou so much for posting. I will be making it tommorrow for my husband and children (and a huge portion for me(well its been years!))
Catherine Leeds

10. Mummy Ruth - 2009/11/07

To stop the mixture separating – Whisk the evaporated milk well (so that its double the volume), make sure jelly is really cool before adding the evaporated milk, I hope this helps.

11. the late Pat - 2009/11/25

We call this Muck Tart in our family. Reason: my older sister came in while my mother was making it for the first time in the 1960s from a Gold Circle recipe in the Australian Woman’s Weekly and said, “What is that much you’re making?” My mother’s spontaneous response was “Muck Tart”.
Thank you for now I know it is a Mousse.
Mum’s original recipe called for Lemon Jelly and Crushed Pineapple in a pastry shell. She found, even then, that Carnation Evap Milk was the only one to use as it whips up the best.
Every time I make this recipe up, I take along copies of it to hand to the people with whom I am sharing the Muck Tart.
I pop the suacepan with the hot juice & jelly mix into a sink of cold water to cool down as I beat and beat and beat the evap milk with my trusty Kenwood mixer fitted with the whisk beater.
The last couple of years I have just been putting the mousse into a large bowl and been serving it up in those small teacups found in council halls with teaspoons at sewing/embroidery/girl’s functions. One batch then feeds roughly 20 ladies at a “bring a plate” do.

12. Gillian in France - 2010/01/16

thanks for posting the recipe, here in france we are celebrating burns night next week and i wanted something light after the haggis and beef, i too remember making it many years ago our son loved it, and i never wrote the recipe down thinking i would never forget how to make it. But i did and so searched today on the website of a well known evaporated milk company, only to find they have gone all posh and upmarket, luckily i kept the tin wrapper with a very easy salmon mousse recipe which everyone still comments how good it is.

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