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Too Much Variety in Laptops 2006/07/30

Posted by Dave in hacks, Reviews, shopping, Tips and Tricks, Whinge.

This is a call to laptop manufacturers to get their act together and come up with a standard arrangement of sockets, slots, drawers and even keys! There must be a lot of people like me — who have to use a variety of hardware and software under pressure to be productive amidst strange company procedures, networks, and whatnot.

From the point of view of software, I have developed a way to cope with relentless new versions and revisions to essential software packages, and my keyboard shortcuts also serve me well in using all sorts of unfamiliar software applications. As such, though, I worry when the keyboard layouts stay standard on desktops and vary wildly on laptops! (more…)

Kelvingrove 2006/07/23

Posted by Dave in Reviews.
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We decided to pay a visit to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and set off in the afternoon heat through the busy traffic. (more…)

Google Timewasting and deadends! 2006/07/22

Posted by Dave in Reviews.

What is it with Google? Why is it we can NEVER find what we want when we use it? When we use a metasearch engine we get somewhere. We WANT to use google like everyone else, but it just ain’t working for us. Here’s the latest saga…

We only wanted a gmail account… but what a run around!

First we went (more…)

Car Audio 2006/07/17

Posted by Dave in Music, Tips and Tricks.
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[Picture of Cassette Adapter]Over the years my cars have had a cassette radio built-in to the dash, and to play CDs, I would use a portable ‘Discman’ player and a small device that looks like a standard compact cassette with a wire sticking out of it. It was not ideal, but it allowed me to play CDs through the car’s audio system.

Now that I have a car with a CD player, I find that I wish I had the old cassette radio back! I prefer taking Ruth’s wee car BECAUSE it has a cassette radio — my cassette-wire device allows me to play my portable CD player (which can play burned CDs containing MP3 files), but more importantly, I can play my MP3 player directly into the car’s audio system!

Funny how things come full circle sometimes!

World Cup Fracas 2006/07/12

Posted by Dave in Reviews, Whinge.
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We watched the World Cup Final, and laughed at the English commentators. They could not resist mentioning the fact that the referee that sent off Zidane was the same fellow who dismissed Rooney! *sigh*

From what we have since read online and heard elsewhere, Ruth and I must be in the minority of people who ‘get it’! (more…)

Teething Times 2006/07/11

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Health, shopping.
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We put baby Olivia to bed at the normal time of 19:30, bath, story etc. — and all seemed well; there was no problem with her getting off to sleep.

David and I drank beer and watched the World Cup Final on TV before going to bed (at a reasonable hour for once!).

Then — around about 01:00, in her nursery, Olivia started to cry out, and it took me a while to realise she wasn’t settling back to sleep. Eventually I dragged myself from my deep slumbers and tried to settle her. She was not at all happy! I changed her nappy, and gave her a drink of water, but she continued to scream. This is very unusual for Olivia, who has always been a great sleeper. But the night had just begun… (more…)

Best Banana Bread 2006/07/10

Posted by Mummy Ruth in baking, Cooking.
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This is really easy to make as there isn’t much prep or equipment needed — and rather delicious too. It doesn’t last long once it’s out the oven and the smell when it is baking is divine!

Prep Time: 5 mins.,
Cooking Time: 50/ 60 mins,
Serves: 8/ 10 (depending on thickness of the slices). (more…)

Xscaped 2006/07/09

Posted by Dave in Family, Reviews, shopping.
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Everyone seemed to be going to ‘T-in-the-Park’ this weekend… but we were glad we weren’t (more…)

Fruit Smoothie 2006/07/05

Posted by Daddy Dave in Cooking.
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[picture of the devine smoothie]This is not really a recipe, just a guide to how we make fruit smoothies — they are different each time BUT they are always fantastic (never failed yet). Baby Olivia ADORES these smoothies — she has been downing them since she was quite small — she also loves the straws. Fruit Smoothies are quick, colourful, fun and very impressive!

Prep Time: 5 mins.,
Cooking Time: 2 mins.,
Serves: 4.