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Fruit Smoothie 2006/07/05

Posted by Daddy Dave in Cooking.

[picture of the devine smoothie]This is not really a recipe, just a guide to how we make fruit smoothies — they are different each time BUT they are always fantastic (never failed yet). Baby Olivia ADORES these smoothies — she has been downing them since she was quite small — she also loves the straws. Fruit Smoothies are quick, colourful, fun and very impressive!

Prep Time: 5 mins.,
Cooking Time: 2 mins.,
Serves: 4.


  • Electric Blender;
  • knife;
  • glasses;

Shopping List:

  • One Apple (cored, skinned, chopped);
  • One Kiwi Fruit (cored, skinned, chopped);
  • One Banana (peeled);
  • Five Strawberries;
  • Two dollops/generous spoonfuls of Greek Low Fat Yogurt;
  • Splash of milk;
  • Glass of cold tap water;


To Make a fruit Smoothie:

Get everything into the blender bowl, switch on and blend until smooth, add some ice and pulse blend to crush, pour and serve. Easy!


We do it different all the time. The Banana is a thickener, if you have no bananas, add more yogurt. We’ve added fruit juices, and all sorts. The Kiwi fruit adds a flavour, but it does unfortunately pepper the smoothie with lots of black ‘dots’ — which find their way into your teeth and gums!


1. courtney - 2006/08/02

i think that this will be really good

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