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Teething Times 2006/07/11

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Health, shopping.

We put baby Olivia to bed at the normal time of 19:30, bath, story etc. — and all seemed well; there was no problem with her getting off to sleep.

David and I drank beer and watched the World Cup Final on TV before going to bed (at a reasonable hour for once!).

Then — around about 01:00, in her nursery, Olivia started to cry out, and it took me a while to realise she wasn’t settling back to sleep. Eventually I dragged myself from my deep slumbers and tried to settle her. She was not at all happy! I changed her nappy, and gave her a drink of water, but she continued to scream. This is very unusual for Olivia, who has always been a great sleeper. But the night had just begun… David then took over and gave her a bottle of milk which she guzzled before crying again. It must have been about 04:00 when I decided to try and settle her in our bed. David just stayed up (rather than listen to the screams in the same bed)! However, after about an hour of this, she finally collapsed into a restless sleep across our bed, and David decided to creep back in by gently moving her between the two of us. He managed to get nearly an hour’s worth of sleep before his alarm went off at 0545. Olivia and I woke at 08:30, still tired and bleary eyed.
She must have been teething, that’s the only explanation.

Come to think of it, I have noticed a slight bump on her gums at the top — and apparently the canine teeth come through at about 18 months, she’s nearly 17 months so this is entirely possible (see table below). Aw, wee soul! — She must have been in pain all night!

Ashton & Parsons Powder packet FrontDavid bumped into an old colleague at work — Sam Lynsey — who mentioned Ashton & Parsons teething powders and how they soothe fretful teething babies! When David got back to his laptop, he sent me an IM about it — and as Mumsie had dropped by to help out, she very kindly offered to nip out to the local chemists — apparently, I was given teething powder when I was a baby! How come I have never heard of these before, it’s always Calpol?

Ashton & Parsons Powder Packet BackWhen Mumsie returned, I gave Olivia a sachet of Ashton & Parsons Infant Powders (£2.45) before she went to bed, and she slept through the night without waking. Job done! Thanks Sam!

I did a search for these powders on-line and found that they have received rave reviews from parents. It’s a herbal powder which comes in individual sachets. The only drawback is that they are a bit fiddly to administer.

  • I would heartily recommend these little powders.

Teeth Nickname Average Eruption
Age of Baby
Teeth (+/- 6 mo.)
Average Eruption
Age of Permanent
Teeth (+/- 1 yr)
Central Incisors Front Teeth 6 months 6-8 yrs
Lateral Incisors Beside Front ones 8 months 7-8 yrs
Canines Eye Teeth 18 months 9-12 yrs
Premolars Behind eye teeth 10-12 yrs
First Molars First year molars 12 months 6 yrs
Second Molars Second year ones 24 months 12 yrs
Third Molars Wisdom teeth 17-25 yrs


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