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World Cup Fracas 2006/07/12

Posted by Dave in Reviews, Whinge.

We watched the World Cup Final, and laughed at the English commentators. They could not resist mentioning the fact that the referee that sent off Zidane was the same fellow who dismissed Rooney! *sigh*

From what we have since read online and heard elsewhere, Ruth and I must be in the minority of people who ‘get it’!

We reckon the media folks realised pretty quickly that a large part of the audience would be kids… so there must be no ‘understanding’ of the incident whatsoever! They had to go on and on about how unacceptable Zidane’s behaviour was. We understand that.

Zidane incident
Watch it happen

The first thing is to think yourself into the position of playing in front of 69 000 people live — as well as the millions watching and listening live around the world instantly through digital and satellite communications — as well as the millions who will watch it from every possible angle in the future — from recordings taken live. Now, to perform under such conditions (in my opinion) Zidane would have to concentrate on the game at hand — and completely forget the occasion, the crowd, the historical impact and the cameras. He would also have to forget that it was his last ever game for his country, his last ever professional game, and forget that his mother was taken into hospital that morning.

Now, having forgotten all that, the incident is a little more understandable — perhaps? Had he allowed himself to remember the occasion, cameras etc — he would not have been able to play! So it seemed somewhat ridiculous to me that these commenatators kept mentioning that his judgement was impared in some way; you cannot have it both ways.

Zidane was the reason France were in the Final anyway.

Since then, the tale has evolved — like UEFA, FIFA have been working against sectarianism/ bigotry/ racism and general intolerance. He-e-y… this high profile incident could be turned to an advantage if the REASON for the ZIDANE incident was a RACIST remark! The message to “the kids out there” would then be that it is never OK to act so unsportingly — but then again, racisim is never OK, and is the ONLY possible way such an action could even be understood!


The funny thing was that when the incident happened, I had just said to Ruthie that it struck me as funny that the French team had a higher racial mix than the Italian team. Naturally, she took offence and headbutted by chest! *only kidding* lol!


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