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Car Audio 2006/07/17

Posted by Dave in Music, Tips and Tricks.

[Picture of Cassette Adapter]Over the years my cars have had a cassette radio built-in to the dash, and to play CDs, I would use a portable ‘Discman’ player and a small device that looks like a standard compact cassette with a wire sticking out of it. It was not ideal, but it allowed me to play CDs through the car’s audio system.

Now that I have a car with a CD player, I find that I wish I had the old cassette radio back! I prefer taking Ruth’s wee car BECAUSE it has a cassette radio — my cassette-wire device allows me to play my portable CD player (which can play burned CDs containing MP3 files), but more importantly, I can play my MP3 player directly into the car’s audio system!

Funny how things come full circle sometimes!

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