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Saved from Certain Dell 2006/08/31

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Tips and Tricks.

Regular readers of our blog will be aware of our recent computer problems, especially laptops — The Priceless PLess Clevo and the Fujitsu-Siemens. Even the Dell Inspiron we got in January has been returned to Dell to have the failed motherboard replaced under warrantly.

  • We finally got that desktop from the swines at PC Specialist (pcspecialist.co.uk) sold on Gumtree — just last week.

Things were calming down and looking up when Bob Preston walked into my office carrying a Dell Inspiron under his arm. Chat turned to the Dell/ Sony battery recall issue, and Bob said he just visited the Dell website and checked that his did not need recalling. It sounded easy enough, I did not think we would be affected either, but maybe I should mention it to Ruth to check out.

Later, while driving home on the M8 in the dark (it was after 20:00) and through the rain, I got a (hands-free) call from Ruth — she was wondering where I was! I happened to mention the Dell battery thing, and while we spoke, she powered the notebook down and removed the battery, then started it up on mains power and checked the number on the Dell website — the example shown matched our battery exactly, so she arranged for a replacement to be sent.

Phew! To think that the laptop could have burst into flames without warning! I mean, it’s rarely powered down completely, usually we just open and shut the lid to put it in and out of standby mode — the battery is almost constantly on a trickle charge! It could have exploded when we were sleeping in bed or when the house was empty — anytime really! Wow!

So a big thanks to Bob Preston and serendipity.


Fabby Fruity Fudge! 2006/08/28

Posted by Mummy Ruth in baking, Cooking.
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[Picture of sliced up Fabby Fruity Fudge]Once upon a time I was getting myself all ready to make Mumsie’s Raspberry Fluff when I mistakenly bought a can of ‘Carnation Condensed Milk’ instead of Evaporated Milk. Put this down to a mummy-brain moment! Once I had bought the Evaporated milk and made the Fluff, I was left wondering what to do with this tin of Condensed Milk… then I remembered… Fabby Fruity Fudge! Of course! Obvious really. But for those unfamiliar with Fudgy matters…here’s the secret family recipe (ahem)…

Prep Time: 15 mins.,
Cooking Time: 10-15 mins.,
Makes 750g. (more…)

Silicone Case for Casio Exilim 2006/08/23

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Reviews.
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We received delivery of the silicone skin for our new camera today.. .all the way from Hong Kong! It cost £5.48 (incl P&P) and included in the price was an LCD screen protector with a cleaning cloth. Not bad, I am pleased with it, it does change the colour of the camera, as it is a see through skin, but it protects it from dust and scratches and it also gives you a better grip on the camera itself.

The only little drawback is the need to take the skin off when charging the camera up, but all the other functions work perfectly well with the case on!


Indonesian Avocado Smoothie (Alpokat) 2006/08/23

Posted by Mummy Ruth in baking, Cooking.

[Picture of Two Glasses of Alpokat Smoothie]Ever since my dad went to Indonesia he has talked about an avocado smoothie that he adored when he was there a few years ago. He has tried to get the same thing here, and even in America, but to no avail. I decided to have a look on the net and managed to find the recipe. Here it is (thanks to Jonathan Hyatt from the recipezaar website).


Prep Time: 5 mins.,
Cooking Time: 10 mins.,
Serves: 2. (more…)

Casio Exilim EX-S600 Digital Camera 2006/08/17

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Reviews.

Today we received a brand new digital camera!



No Smoke Without 2006/08/11

Posted by Daddy Dave in Health, Reviews.
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I stopped smoking cigarettes one year ago!

My how time flies — and I have been free from craving and the other reported symptoms. It’s all down to Dave Waddell who took £80.00 from me in return for a couple of hours of hypnotheraphy. I smoked my last cigarette at 17:00 on 10th August 2006, on his doorstep before the cessation session. (more…)

My Keyboard Shortcuts 2006/08/01

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks.

It’s all about productivity; keyboard shortcuts are always a better bet than rooting about in menu toolbars of unfamiliar software or new versions! I’ve been using the same keyboard shortcuts for about 10 years — they always work and they are now part of my muscle memory: I don’t even have to think. Here they are: (more…)