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My Keyboard Shortcuts 2006/08/01

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks.

It’s all about productivity; keyboard shortcuts are always a better bet than rooting about in menu toolbars of unfamiliar software or new versions! I’ve been using the same keyboard shortcuts for about 10 years — they always work and they are now part of my muscle memory: I don’t even have to think. Here they are:

  • SHIFT + F3: on highlighted text, cycles through cases… brilliant!
  • CTRL + SCROLL: zooms in and out of CAD drawings, PDFs, Spreadsheets, web pages, documents, etc.
  • CTRL + N: creates a new something (depends on the application in focus at the time);
  • CTRL + H: In word etc — opens find & Replace,
    CTRL + H: In browsers — opens History panel;
  • F7: spellcheck;
  • F9: Update fields;
  • ALT + SHIFT + T: the present time;
  • CTRL + B: Bold or strong font text;
  • CTRL + U: Underlined font text;
  • CTRL + I: Italic font text;
  • CTRL + A: select all;
  • CTRL + A + SHIFT: Makes everything highlighted upper case;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + >: Increases font size incrementally on highlighted text;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + <: decreases font size incrementally on highlighted text;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + a variety of letters: try them out for fun!
  • CTRL + SHIFT + *: Show and hide toggle;
  • CTRL + SHIFT +’+/=’: superscript;
  • CTRL +’+/=’: subscript;
  • CTRL + SPACEBAR: Undoes all override formatting, returning text to default style;
  • CTRL + C: copy to clipboard;
  • CTRL + V: paste from clipboard;
  • CTRL + X: cut to clipboard;
  • CTRL + W: Close window or Tab;
  • CTRL + O: open;
  • CTRL + Z: Undo;
  • CTRL + Y: Redo;
  • F4: repeat last action
  • CTRL + P: Print;
  • CTRL + S: Save;
  • F12: Saveas;
  • F2: rename a file or folder in Windows Explorer;
  • CTRL + HOME: puts cursor at the start of a document;
  • CTRL + END: puts cursor at the end of a document;
  • CTRL + BACKSPACE: deletes just one word;

In Firefox:

  • CTRL + 1: focus goes to first tab web page,
    CTRL + 2: focus goes to second tab web page, etc;
  • CTRL + ENTER: Cross-browser standard for adding the ‘www’ and ‘com’ to a URL you’ve typed into the address bar of the browser;


  • CTRL + ESC + SHIFT: Task manager;
  • CTRL + ESC: Activate Start Menu;
  • CTRL + Win: Activate Start Menu;
  • CTRL + ALT + DEL: soft boot;
  • CTRL + PAGE UP: cycles forward through windows open in a program;
  • CTRL + PAGE DN: cycles backward through windows open in a program;
  • CTRL + TAB: cycles forward through windows open in a program;
  • CTRL + SHIFT + TAB: cycles backward through windows open in a program;
  • ALT + TAB: cycles forward through programs running;
  • Win + L: Lock the keyboard;
    Win + L + SHIFT: unlock the keyboard;
  • Win + E: Activate Windows Explorer;
  • Win + F: Activate the FIND Menu;
  • Win + PAUSE: System properties;
  • Win + R: Activate the Run Menu;
  • Win + D: Clear the desktop;
  • Win + M: Clear the desktop;
  • Win + SHIFT + M: Reinstate the desktop;
  • SHIFT while inserting CD will stop AutoRun (and spyware features being activated);
  • SHIFT + DEL: deletes without going through Recycle Bin;
  • ALT GR + 4: to get a Euro symbol;
  • ALT GR + letter: adds an accent (acute) — á é í ó ú;
  • ALT + PRNT SCRN: Copies a snapshot of the focus window to the clipboard.

I like file properties (am I the only one?), instead of opening Windows Explorer, selecting the file and right clicking to get a pop up shortcut menu from which to pick ‘Properties’, I just hold down the ALT key and double click the file to go straight to properties.

  • In Word, to quickly draw a line right across the page, I just do five underscores (works with five dashes too) and return (magic)!
  • In Word, I like to flip through header styles quickly and on the fly: Place the cursor anywhere within the text you want to be a heading. Press ALT, SHIFT, right arrow again and again until you have the look you want.
  • In Excel (and other including AutoCAD) to clone toolbar buttons: hold down CTRL and ALT then just drag the desired button from one toolbar to the new toolbar. the button won’t MOVE it will COPY.

I saw a good blog entry about keyboard shortcuts for the few who struggle on with Apple Macs: ‘The Authentic Fake’, ’10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows…’ of 2006-07-17.

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: This originally appreared as part of another post, but it became patently obvious that this was wrong, so thanks to all who pointed this out! –Dave


1. devine » Too Much Variety in Laptops - 2006/08/23

[…]cross ref […]

2. hyperreality - 2007/02/13

Nice set of keyboard shortcuts for Windows! Win+M and Win+Shift+M are my favourite! Saves going through each window and minimising it!
Also, I think Win+D does something similar, pressing it again brings back the windows… don’t know the exact difference though!

3. Rudy - 2007/04/02

I tried the first one – the SHIFT + F3: on highlighted text, to cycle through cases, but I found that it didn’t work on my Open Office.org Writer. I have tried it in M$ Word and it works if the Caps Lock is on. I tried others with varying rates of success. What a shame that this cross platform standard is dying off.

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