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No Smoke Without 2006/08/11

Posted by Daddy Dave in Health, Reviews.

I stopped smoking cigarettes one year ago!

My how time flies — and I have been free from craving and the other reported symptoms. It’s all down to Dave Waddell who took £80.00 from me in return for a couple of hours of hypnotheraphy. I smoked my last cigarette at 17:00 on 10th August 2006, on his doorstep before the cessation session.

I am sure he won’t mind if I post here his contact details and my recommendation to anyone who surfs across this wee family blog:

  • David Gibson Waddell BSc., D.Phyto., D.C.H., M.N.M.H.
    Medical Herbalist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Nutritionist,
    Glasgow G44 district.
    Tel: 0141 637 0741
    e-mail: davidherbalmoon@msn.com

–Thanks again Dave! I estimated that if the hypnosis worked for just 2 weeks, then I would have broken even!

The good thing is that I do not mind smokers and smoking — I don’t have any grudges or any downsides associated with giving up smoking. Then again I have not had a cough, or any clearing of my chest, I have not felt that food tastes better or that I have more breath or fitness. I merely feel that I am a non-smoker and probably the best way to describe it is that I feel that I have never smoked — that smoking seems to be a daft thing for me to do!

Some say there’s no smoke without fire — I say there’s no smoke without help, and Dave really helped me. I had planned to quit by the time the baby was due to be born, and was cutting down quite well. I stopped smoking at work, but more than made up for it as soon as I left the site — I basically chain smoked all evening! I hated the smell of cigarettes on people at work and worried that I might become a bitter and twisted person and a serious anti-smoker when I would finally get round to quitting.

As it happened, the baby came early and my plans were torn up, it was all so stressful, so I needed some form of help. To be honest, I did not believe it would work, and (sorry, Dave) during the cessation session I was fully aware and awake and thinking “This is NOT working”. However, it still worked — unaccountably, inexplicably and nevertheless. Weird, huh?

Anyone thinking of trying to quit should seriously consider hypnotherapy — it is NOT hypnosis, there’s no trance, and it is quite unlike stage shows. It is not like the old ‘stop smoking by hypnosis’ stuff — that’s all old hat!


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