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Casio Exilim EX-S600 Digital Camera 2006/08/17

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Reviews.

Today we received a brand new digital camera!


I bought it from ebay (where else?) and I was on my way out with baby when the courier arrived at the door…great timing! I decided to open it when we arrived at ‘Pappa and Pippas’ house and show it off. We went for the Casio EX-S600 as my sister had a similar one and I have always been impressed with the size of the camera (slim, lightweight) and the screen at the back was very clear and easy to see. I also liked how the camera took a picture instantly, our old one took ages and David was always frustrated with it as he wasn’t sure if he had taken a picture or not! I was always missing Olivia’s cute smiles and cheeky faces which was quite annoying. So we decided to treat ourselves and get a new one.

I have to say that it hasn’t disappointed us. I have already managed to capture some brilliant moments and even recorded some movie clips – including sound! This is a novelty for us as we have always had silent movie clips. The camera is easy to use, just switch it on, point and shoot. It has anti-shake, Best Shot mode and you really cannot take a bad picture with it (so far we haven’t).

Here’s some technical stuff for you:





The EX-S600 is barely larger than a credit card and just .54″ at its thinnest point. Packed into the pocket-sized body are 6.0 mega pixels and MPEG-4 quality movie recording capabilities, allowing more than one hour of standard video recording when using a 1GB SD memory card. And, with Casio’s EXILIM Engine’s Anti Shake DSP, blurry pictures are nearly a thing of the past.


Movie Capture

intro_capture.jpgThe EX-S600 delivers real movie recording capabilities in a card-size configuration. It records beautiful VGA images (640×480-pixel) at 30 frames per second. You can take the EX-S600 along anywhere and record movies with all the ease of snapshots. Now you can take still images plus movies for a whole new world of digital camera fun.

Image Transfer

intro_transfer.jpgThe EXILIM EX-S600 includes a docking cradle and a video cable for connection to a TV. You can use a USB cable to connect the EXILIM EX-S600 through the cradle, directly to a printer that supports PictBridge or USB DIRECT-PRINT for printing without a computer.


intro_style.jpgThe EXILIM EX-S600 includes an elegant and durable stainless steel body. Utilizing Electro (Luminist) Coating Technology, the EX-S600 is available in three unique colors. Keys for manual settings and a highly intuitive controller button are carefully arranged on the camera’s back to keep everything you need just a click away.

Best Shots


intro_bestshots.jpgTo help you achieve your best photography, the EXILIM EX-S600 includes a one-touch Best Shot mode. You can choose from 34 different modes.

Anti-Shake DSP

The latest version of the EXILIM Engine features the Anti Shake DSP, which reduces blurring caused by shaking hands or moving subjects, while the Auto Macro and Quick Shutter features ensure that photos are properly focused.

The camera so far has been great, I have even bought a ‘Skin’ a silicone case for it off of ebay to protect it from dust and bumps etc. So awaiting the delivery of that next week!



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I love it

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3. Daddy Dave - 2007/09/10

Best thing about this camera is that it is ready so quickly. You pull it from your pocket switch it on and it is ready (including the flash) in 2 seconds flat. Surprises everyone and this is what attracts the most comments. It is so quick to reset after each picture too! An amazing piece of engineering

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Amazingly, almost to the day of the 5th anniversary of owning this super wee camera, DP knocked it from Mummy Ruth’s hand to the floor. It is now bent!

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