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Saved from Certain Dell 2006/08/31

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Tips and Tricks.

Regular readers of our blog will be aware of our recent computer problems, especially laptops — The Priceless PLess Clevo and the Fujitsu-Siemens. Even the Dell Inspiron we got in January has been returned to Dell to have the failed motherboard replaced under warrantly.

  • We finally got that desktop from the swines at PC Specialist (pcspecialist.co.uk) sold on Gumtree — just last week.

Things were calming down and looking up when Bob Preston walked into my office carrying a Dell Inspiron under his arm. Chat turned to the Dell/ Sony battery recall issue, and Bob said he just visited the Dell website and checked that his did not need recalling. It sounded easy enough, I did not think we would be affected either, but maybe I should mention it to Ruth to check out.

Later, while driving home on the M8 in the dark (it was after 20:00) and through the rain, I got a (hands-free) call from Ruth — she was wondering where I was! I happened to mention the Dell battery thing, and while we spoke, she powered the notebook down and removed the battery, then started it up on mains power and checked the number on the Dell website — the example shown matched our battery exactly, so she arranged for a replacement to be sent.

Phew! To think that the laptop could have burst into flames without warning! I mean, it’s rarely powered down completely, usually we just open and shut the lid to put it in and out of standby mode — the battery is almost constantly on a trickle charge! It could have exploded when we were sleeping in bed or when the house was empty — anytime really! Wow!

So a big thanks to Bob Preston and serendipity.



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