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Tesco is Metres Better! 2006/09/24

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, shopping, Tips and Tricks.

I ‘lost’ my measuring tape on my last project, so I needed to replace it. One might be forgiven for thinking that measuring tapes of all makes are pretty easy to obtain — they are cheap and cheerful and in plentiful supply. The trouble is that I HATE those measuring tapes because they use two illegal measurement systems, the old and long-dead British Imperial system of inches and feet along the top edge, and the equally old and equally dead French Metric system of centimetres and metres along the bottom! (more…)

How To Fold A T Shirt Fast! 2006/09/23

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks, video.

I came across this on YouTube, and it took a wee while to figure out because you have to think mirror movements!  I watched this 30 second video over and over about 6 times! I suppose it shows a trick that is time and labour saving and all that, but at the end of the day it is a new fun way to do an ordinary everyday activity.  that and it’s a good party trick! (more…)

Dellayed Reaction 2006/09/18

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews.
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Hey, guess what… I got an e-mail TODAY from Dell regarding the fact that they sold me a laptop with a faulty and hazardous battery. How mad is that?  We have already found out about the problem, contacted Dell and had a new battery delivered and installed before they got around to looking through their records.

Dell Battery 2006/09/14

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews.
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The Dell replacement battery was delivered today. Strangely, they did not collect the old and faulty original one — and we don’t know what to do with it either! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The Future is NOT Orange 2006/09/13

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Whinge.

I am fed up! I thought I had better warn any readers of this blog right off that this is a moan/ rant.

This is the deal: It’s about Internet Access and Banks. (more…)

Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) 2006/09/09

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Health.
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This morning a letter from NHS Scotland recommended that Olivia receives an immunisation called the Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) — and that we shall automatically receive an appointment in due course unless we decide against her having it for some reason.

My initial reaction was the fear that I had to have my daughter vaccinated against PVC!

Why is it that are such things always so tricky? Pneumococcal could quite easily be mis-spelled Pneumoccocal, Pneumoccoccal, Pneumococal, Numocockle etc.

I am convinced they do it on purpose to spoil web-searches and prevent people from asking questions verbally as well as in writing.

Anyway and despite this, some of the toddler group mums were discussing this new vaccine just last week. Apparently this has just recently been introduced into the “routine childhood immunisation programme” and includes a catch-up for all children under two.

This streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine reduces the risks of Pneumococcol disease (which includes meningitis and septicaemia).

A Scanner Darkly 2006/09/03

Posted by Daddy Dave in nights out, Reviews.
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[Picture of A Scanner Darkly Advert]Finally! ‘The GFT’ was showing ‘A Scanner Darkly’ — a Hollywood Movie released 7th July 2006 and directed by Mr. Richard Linklater. We always have to wait for things to arrive from America. The cast is brilliant — Mr. Keanu Reeves plays the role of ‘Fred’/’Bob Arctor’ (his typecast ‘everyman-but-outsider’ role), Mr. Rory Cochrane plays ‘Freck’, Mr. Robert Downey Jr. plays ‘Barris’, Mr. Woody Harrelson plays ‘Luckman’, and Ms. Winona Ryder plays ‘Donna’. (more…)