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The Future is NOT Orange 2006/09/13

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Whinge.

I am fed up! I thought I had better warn any readers of this blog right off that this is a moan/ rant.

This is the deal: It’s about Internet Access and Banks.

I joined Freeserve years ago as a dial-up Pay As You Go customer back in 1997, and then in 2001, I signed up for the “Anytime” package — where I could connect and stay on-line for any length of time without watching the clock. The only method of payment Freeserve would accept was a direct debit from a credit card. I used my First Direct Visa card, and they’ve been taking £15 each month for all these years.

Then Freeserve became Wanadoo.

Then Wanadoo became Orange.

A lot has changed — I got married, and computers have changed from the days when I connected a Toshiba Libretto on a 28kbps PCMCIA modem card.

We looked at broadband, but our exchange can only manage 2MB ADSL — not the 8MB advertised by orange. On top of that, we found a serious problem with Orange…

  • We have web sites and we use FTP to upload files to the server — this ONLY works when directly connected via a modem on the dial-up number — AND NOT when connected via Broadband or through any other ISP connection.

Now, fair enough, this is a security issue; they never allowed CGI scripts and other things either — however, Freeserve and Wanadoo did allow an alternative to FTP — you could simply use the browser to upload files instead of the FTP method… allowing pages to be uploaded/ updated in any Internet café.

  • Well, this has gone now that it’s Orange! So we simply CANNOT upgrade to Orange Broadband as we would lose the ability to run our websites. What a shame.

So we have to have a rethink — we want to use Broadband, so has to be “goodbye Orange”.

We e-mailed them and it took ages to find out that the facility was gone… they were cheeky and unhelpful, and the web site is a disgrace; they want you to get a cell phone account basically… web space is far from important to them.


I decided to cancel Orange, but I couldn’t find out how to do this on their web site.

It took AGES until I found a call-centre premium rate phone number. I called it and was put on hold. Then the call died. I redialled, told the story and was put on hold. The call died again. I tried three more times before giving up. How expensive and frustrating!

I sent Orange an e-mail telling them to cancel the “Anytime” account and complaining that their call-centre telephone number was useless. I got an e-mail back telling me that I couldn’t cancel by e-mail and that I would have to use the call-centre telephone number (despite my saying it was no use).

I tried calling the call-centre again and again I was cut off — days later! What a mess Orange have made of Freeserve!

I e-mailed again, and again I got a reply telling me that I must call the call-center to cancel. Aaaargh! I went back to the web and hunted down their HQ postal address.

  • I wrote a letter, printed it off and posted it to cancel.

A week or so later I received a letter in the post from Orange confirming the cancellation date of 28th July.

  • Yet last week I noticed that they took a payment from First Direct Visa on 29th July!

So I called First Direct and went through “security”. I asked them to stop paying Orange’s Direct debit. I was put on hold and then put through to a department that deals with that sort of thing. The woman there said she could do nothing without a date of cancellation confirmed (I couldn’t recall the date on the phone), so I hung up, promising to call back when I had tracked down the date of cancellation.

However, I found the cancellation confirmation in a matter of minutes and called First Direct back again and went through “security”. I was again put through to the department where I explained the story again and asked for the direct debit to be cancelled.

I gave the cancellation date and asked if she wanted the letter reference — but she said no: she said there was nothing First Direct could do other than query the payment as I had authorised the payments on Visa. I was told to contact Orange directly.

I patiently explained that I had contacted Orange and they had confirmed the cancellation in a letter! I was now getting annoyed. I summarised:

“I have told Orange to cancel the account and stop taking payments.

“I have received a letter confirming the account has been cancelled and payment stopped.

“I have told you to stop Orange from taking payments from the date of cancellation.

“You say they can continue to take payments and I will have to continue to pay interest on my Visa forever”

The woman suggested again that I contact Orange about this. I then asked First Direct to close my Visa account.


So I hung up. Then an idea occurred to me. I called back and went through “security”.

I asked First Direct to stop making minimum payments from the current account to the First Direct Visa. I do not use First Direct as they refused us a Joint Account (despite my being with them since they began), and I did not wish to run into overdraft as well as interest on Visa due to Orange Internet.

However, the woman said that “the system is down” so she would not be able to do this. I asked her if she could do it when their computer system was back up and running and that I had had enough spending money on the phone calls — BUT SHE SAID “NO” — I would have to call back — and hope their system was back up!



1. Lyn - 2006/09/25

Similar problem – Orange are the pits !! I changed ISP’s in September, but Orange got wind of this and cut me off from all their services in August, even though they had just taken a month’s money from my account. I, too, went through the premium rate number, put on hold, etc. etc. to eventually speak to an extremely rude, young upstart who just said “Well what do you want me to do about it?” When I said I’d like my old services reconnected until the official switch over date he just said “Oh, we can’t do that now – you’re no longer a customer of ours” When I reminded him that they’d just taken a month’s money he blurbed on about ‘contract’ and then just cut me off. I then contacted my bank to stop any further payments and – guess what? I can’t stop a DD – Orange have to stop it!!” I have to wait to see if they take another unofficial payment and then I can take legal action to recoup it!! What a palaver!! So, I too, may be changing banks.
Orange have also withdrawn all services to the old free Freeserve & Wanadoo ‘Pay as you go’ accounts. I have two old Freeserve websites (both for charities) which are now displaying very out-of-date information. I just cannot get FTP to connect to them anymore to edit or, even better, delete them entirely. I have Emailed Orange and, am still not holding my breath, waiting for a reply.
I’ll say it again – ORANGE ARE THE PITS!!

2. Squash - 2006/09/28

It is completely bananas!
Orange, like Apple, just do things their own “special” way. What a pair! People talk about Microsoft being a monopoly, but on PCs you can choose to run MWindows, Linux, Ubuntu, or anything else. But with Apple, you have no choice: it is just Apple stuff that works. Orange SIM cards used to only work on phones specially modified for Orange…. and not all that long ago either. Now they have taken over Freeserve, one thing is for sure -its all about service clusters and tied products than customer service and portability/ transferrablity. Nuts!

3. Mick - 2006/10/01

Just read comments regarding cancellation of orange internet connection and am starting to panic. I have been with Anytime for some while now paying£14.99 per month, however i have now transferred to Sky broadband which is up and running and working great. Before i accepted Sky i told them who i was with and asked if I should cancel. They said they would sort it out but if I wanted to call them out of courtesy then feel free. The problem is I tried to make sure all payments were stopped at my bank but they said that as I was paying by Visa I would have to write and cancel with Orange. I am quite new to internet and haven’t a clue where to write to. As the next payment is due in the next few days coud anyone tell me what and where to write to. Thanks

4. Anti-Orange - 2006/10/02

Go to their web site: http://orange.co.uk/
At their home page, scroll right down to the bottom and click on the words “Contact Us”, this opens a Page “Orange — Your Account Contact Us”
under the section headed “Broadband or Dial Up”, click on
“contact us about your Internet account”
which is…
and you will come to the HILARIOUS cpntacts page with text so tiny you cannot actually read anything, so you ctrl and scroll or otherwise increase your browser’s text size, whereupon, everything starts to OVERLAP and jumble up… GREAT FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY!

Anyway the details you probably want/ need are:

Orange Customer Care
PO Box 486
S63 5ZX

Orange Home UK head office
Verulam Point
Station Way
St Albans
Tel: 0870 909 0666

Customer Support Call Centre
for billing & all general non-technical queries

0870 872 0099

7 days a week
Calls to 0870 numbers are charged at national rates from a BT landline (7.5p/min daytime, 3.75p/min evenings, 1.5p/min weekends) or 4p/min via Wireless & Talk. Charges from other networks may vary. Calls may be monitored.


5. me - 2006/10/10

The worst company with the exception of Dell is Orange.

They have completely destroyed Freeserve/Wanadoo.UK.

I’m really thinking of triggering off a class action lawsuit against them to get my money back.

I’ve been paying 17.99 for 8meg speed and have NEVER seen this speed because their stupid Livebox doesn’t work.

I won’t bore you with the litany of attempts to solve this problem suffice it say I am now worried (reading the above comments) that I won’t be able to escape from Orange.

6. peter - 2006/11/07

In July I changed my broadband from orange wanadoo to talktalk. I phoned when they continued to charge my credit card and they promised to make a refund. The next month we went through the same ritual – this time they just had more to refund. Then this happened in September and now in October.

I anticipated being charged the first time and phoned before this all started where I was told everything was in order and I wouldn’t be charged.

I no longer believe reassurances and am taking it up with my credit card company.

7. Alan Quinn - 2006/11/16

I’ve been trying to figure out how to modify some information on two freeerve.co.uk websites I published a few years ago.
The Orange.co.uk website in completely useless – there is no Freeserve/Wanadoo support information, especially with regard to webspace. It seems that anybody with a Freeseve web site is now locked out!

Is the ftp service completely gone now things are in Orange’s ‘capable hands? This is very depressing…
Everything I’ve read here puts me off Orange completely! What a shower!

8. dcd - 2006/11/17

Alan Quinn — you can still use ftp and access your web pages on the orange server, you just cannot do it via your browser via broadband adsl.

This is the procedure: on broadband adsl, point your browser to orange’s site to track down their pay as you go area. Because the dial up numbers are cloaked in secrecy, you have to DOWNLOAD and install the DIALLER software which sets the numbers in sequence on your modem and whcih hijacks your browser to always say things like: “web page title – Internet Explorer provided by Orange”.

Next, plug in your modem to a phone line and dial-up using this installed software. You can SLOWLY now use either the browser upload manager or your terrapin (etc) ftp software.

When you are finished, you will then have to mess about changing defaults back to your broadband adsl/ wireless connection etc.

9. Chris - 2006/11/21

On a side note – I’m on a pay monthly contract with them, and decided to leave after my year, because I didn’t like the company & I’d found a better deal elsewhere… basically they gave me the canary 30 package for £25 and instead of the usual £100 for the samsung D900 they gave it to me free… that’s £190 over 18 months!

all very nice except it kinda stinks that they would otherwise be charging me all that extra just because I didn’t make a fuss…!

10. Debsch - 2006/11/30

I signed up last month for a 30 day trial with Orange. Called them middle of this month to cancel because I’m moving to australia. Lovely customer sales guy told me that I could leave it until the end of this month, the 30th, that I could ring back then and cancel then. (NEVER TRUST A SALESMAN!!!!) So today is the 30th and that’s what I did. “Oh dear, today is the 30th day of your free trial and you are now locked into a TWELVE MONTH CONTRACT” says the lovely sales lady at Orange. I used to work in the graphic design department of Freeserve back in 2001 and I remember hearing that one of the ways to hook people in if they wanted to cancel was to tell them to ring back at the end of the month, because many people would then forget to call and then they’d be in for another month or as is the case here a 12 month contract. Luckily though, I signed up with my visa card, rather than direct debit, and have cancelled my card. A bit inconvenient for me but hopefully, that’ll stop the payments for a 12 month period of broadband that I am NOT going to use since I will be in AUSTRALIA!!!! And, although it’s sad to read about other people’s similar troubles on this site, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

11. P.Benedict - 2006/12/03

I have the solution! For the situation where the credit card cannot be cancelled because the direct debit is still “on”, just call the credit card company up and tell them that the card has been stolen. The account becomes frozen instantly. You have just stopped Orange from taking money every month.

12. Sy - 2006/12/04

According to the BBC, Orange Broadband have been having “outages”. Things have really gone to pot; Freeserve and Wanadoo were brilliant value and high quality service for years. What a shame :(

13. annoyed freeserve customer - 2006/12/18


14. scooter - 2006/12/25

Has anyone recently had an update to their orange box nov / dec ? Reason I ask is thet our now onlt accepts 2 wireless devices to connect now raher than three. I agree orange are bollocks.

15. mike - 2007/01/04

Yes,yes and yes -orange are driving me up the wall, customer services are a joke, been trying to get help with deleting my old freeserve website – ftp problems, after scouring the internet got the info from this site – thanks dcd (post 8) orange were no help whatsoever.
I thought I was going to get 8meg but was told my line only allowed me 1 meg – was a bit puzzled as i was getting and paying for 2 meg when it was wanadoo- 6 months on they tell me I can be upgraded to 6.5 meg but will have to start my 12 month contract again- fecking chancers!

16. designer - 2007/01/05

Yeah Mike, but dcd in post #8 did not mention a further orange rip-off: when you use the dial up, it costs a massive 4p a minute between 6am and 6pm, so try to connect only at the weekend to update your web pages!

17. shaun - 2007/01/11

re FTP problems

I lost access via web to all my five 30MB sites through broadband

I simply re-activated my original ( pre- wanadoo Freeserve) dial in account which i use occasionally and voila everything was ftp accessible again :-)

Must be that when dial-up account lapses it auto switches off poor old freeserve people’s ftp access

everything is up and running again within broadband no trouble :-)

20p ( it 4p a min be warned!) well spent
hope this helps people

oh and Orange get a life and sort this out please

and that will be £2000 consultancy fee :-)

18. shaun - 2007/01/11

oh and miracle of miracles my sites reappeared in my ftp and all working and I can upload from there again if I wish:-)

19. Daddy Dave - 2007/01/11

Your situation seems to be like this (I think): you used ftp to upload sites to your ISP webspace (Freeserve, now Orange) on dial-up. You switched to Orange ADSL Broadband and lost access to your sites. However you have discovered that as long as you re-activate your old (and free) dial-up account, you can access by ftp those sites using Orange ADSL Broadband.

If this is the case, then this is indeed something that Orange has finally sorted out.

In fact this was the original question that no-one at Orange could answer: “what happens to my site access if I upgrade to Orange broadband?”.

It is too late now as I am not accessing the Internet via Orange. They are no longer my ISP, and re-activation of the old dial-up account won’t provide me with FTP access via other ISPs’ servers.

20. mark heyes - 2007/02/07

just cancel your direct debit with the bank,easy……….

21. nel - 2007/02/23

Don’t go near orange broadband, the service sucks

22. Pete - 2007/02/25

Can’t help but agree with majority. Orange should stick to phones and leave the internet to those who know what they are doing.The internet is anything but bright with Orange.

23. Doreen Joyner - 2007/02/25

Does anyone know if Orange freezes your account if you don’t use it for three months?

I have a friend who has a holiday home here so she doesn’t use her Orange service regularly. She recently arrived to a huge bill and her service disconnected. She had to pay the bill and wait 4 days to get reconnected.

24. rtone - 2007/02/26

Orange accounts are indeed suspended after 90 days of not dialing up the server. To re-activate, visit:

25. underwhelmed - 2007/02/26

We are not alone.
All I wanted was my MAC number so I could get an all in broadband/linerental package from Vodafone for £25 a month including ALL 01 numbers anytime of day ( a saving of £16). What a clot I am. I ended up staying with WannaFreeOrange, paying them£13 a month {plus the line & call charges to BT}.The Liebox is crap, it took days to get it to work – I have 4 computers and only one could find it, the CD didn’t work at all. The alleged off peak free calls haven’t materialised and I find that (when I can speak to them on their 087oh so expensive-hold-&-listen to shite tunes whilst-we-fleece-u line) I’m tied in to 6 months before I can restart on my crusade to get my frickin MAC code so that I can join all the other people with their being cut off and having dosh removed from bank accounts etc etc.
Mind you, I expect they’re all as bad as each other?

26. mark heyes - 2007/02/27

guys just cancel your contract with the bank,its easy,i was with orange broadwotever for 9 months and canceled with direct debit,they didnt get in touch and went with another company,and also with the mac code if problems get in touch with bt…………

27. Paul Bolton - 2007/03/16

I Have been trying to obtain a MAC Code from orange now for three weeks, Via an indian call centre, The first two week’s i was fobbed off with various excuses. The third week i was put through to customer care who tried to keep me on Orange for a less price £12.99 p mth max b/band. I then made a call to Orange Uk head office and spoke to an English customer services representative at the end of the third week and was promised a MAC Code within 5 days. Save yourself some trouble and contact UK Customer services they were very helpful and could understand me. If no luck within 5 day’s contact bbc watchdog or ofcom as i will after my 5 day’s is up.

28. Steve Lowe - 2007/03/26

Let me add my 2 penny worth – Orange is awful – even on the mobile side, the coverage is patchy. Re broadband I don’t believe they have the server capacity or know how to cope. The Livebox is anything but – it goes on and off – the whole service is flaky to say the least.

But you know you could forgive some of this if their customer service was in any way joined up. A UK service person told me to ask for faults on one occasion. The next call I made I hit the Indian section – and the person advised they had no-one called Mr Faults working working for them.

You are kept holding on for minutes or longer – and we all know why – its because the products don’t deliver and so everyone is complaining.

Just do not touch Orange with a barge pole

29. Mick - 2007/05/07

Allot of the information here is erronious, I also am a Freeserve-Wanadoo-Orange customer since 1998 and I have yet to have even the remotest problem with the service.

The online “FTP Mysite” page for uploading to your webspace NEVER dissapeared, or even changed layout from company to company!
It was simply rebranded.
I run three websites off my Orange webspace, one getting well over 500 hits a day (www.smegoo.co.uk) never ANY downtime or problems.

Account cancellations for anything in any industry usually have to be submitted in writing for legal reasons.

NO BANK can legally stop you from cancelling a Direct Debit.

If you read up almost everyone’s problems with Orange seem to occur after the Livebox upgrade, and herein lies the problem.
Before orange took over from Wanadoo I got myself a Belkin wireless ADSL router off eBay and that it what im using to this day.
The hardware supplied by your ISP is hardly going to to top notch stuff.
The BT Home Hub is a good example, what a cheap nasty piece of shit!

When I first started using online services in the early-mid 90’s only the very computer litterate did so, everyone read up on what they were doing instead of stumbling around and blaming the ISP like people do nowadays.

Ah how I long for the carefree pre-mobile phone and internet boom early 90’s, twas a happier time…


30. Antimick - 2007/05/07

Mick (clearly not the newbie Mick from the start of these comments) said: ” Allot of the information here is erronious”
Mick is saying that people here are either lying or mistaken!
Mick said: “I also am a Freeserve-Wanadoo-Orange customer since 1998 and I have yet to have even the remotest problem with the service.” Is that why he thinks everyone is wrong?
Mick said” The online “FTP Mysite” page for uploading to your webspace NEVER dissapeared, or even changed layout from company to company!” Er, so what — who said it had changed or disappeared?
But then Mick said: “It was simply rebranded.” Eh? So it did change then? So, er – what’s your point, Mick?
Mick said: “I run three websites off my Orange webspace, one getting well over 500 hits a day (www.smegoo.co.uk) never ANY downtime or problems.” — AHA! It’s an advert for Mick’s site (as well as a boast about the number of hits he’s getting – probably as a result of post comments like this!).

Mick said: “Account cancellations for anything in any industry usually have to be submitted in writing for legal reasons.” Which shows that Mick has not actually read the post and comments.

Mick said:” NO BANK can legally stop you from cancelling a Direct Debit.” -again this proves that Mick has not understood the problem and that any bank can and does!

Mick said: “If you read up almost everyone’s problems with Orange seem to occur after the Livebox upgrade, and herein lies the problem.” – where did this crap come from? A couple of people have commented on this product being crap, and it seems that Mick would AGREE as he said he expected crap and went and got better elsewhere (paying twice is OK for Mick). The point that the paying customer ought to expect goods supplied to be fit for purpose has escaped Mick!

Mick said: “When I first started using online services in the early-mid 90’s only the very computer litterate did so” – laughable! Mick is suggesting that he is one of the literate few (yet, ironically, he cannot spell literate or disappointed!). Wonderful stuff!

Mick further ventured: “… everyone read up on what they were doing instead of stumbling around and blaming the ISP like people do nowadays.” LOL! How insulting and unhelpful!

My advice to Mick (and those like him), learn to write. Learn to read. Try a spell-checker, think before you commit, and only comment when you can positively contribute to others (as opposed to merely advertising your own site)!

We’ve been Micks’d!

31. John - 2007/05/11


I’m also having problems uploading to Orange.

Freeserve used to host my web pages whcih I maintained using WS_FTP to upload pages via my 56k landline modem on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Everything worked well. Freeserve were then bought out by Wanadoo and the system continued to work properly.

Now, presumably as a result of Orange’s involvement I can no longer ftp my files. I get an error message. I can still surf the ‘net and download my emails but I can no longer ftp. Does this mean I am actually using the correct telephone number or is there a different telephone number for uploading files via ftp?

It’s a while since I tried so I cannot remember the error message I get – I must try again to check.

I’ve emailed Orange a numbe of times but their ‘help’ is totally useless. After I explained in words of one syllable they replied:- “We cannot update the site or add a link, however, we can delete it if
you confirm this is the action you want us to take”


Doesn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence…



32. Jakub - 2007/06/04

If I told you my story with Orange it would be as long as all the comments all together. In short, I have been cut off Internet since 23rd April 2007 because of LLU thing. Day by day, week by week I have been given promises by Orange. Imagine, the very first day they promised me the Internet broadband back the very next day… yeah, right. Now I have been promised to have Internet on Tuesday, 5th June 2007 at 9:57am. Any bets?

I plan to sue Orange for all the promises, lies, cheats, money fraud etc. I actually liked orange colour, but now… I have been personally affected by this situation and as the protest I ban whatever orange from my life. This is all I can do as I can not escape from the contract (they say so…)

33. Claire - 2007/06/29

Alas i am another Orange victim! 5 weeks now without the internet! I am yet again at my sisters using her connection, she canceled orange ages ago.
At first they admitted it was a problem their end but now they are saying its a problem with my filters, something i checked weeks ago!


34. Hutchy - 2007/07/02

Re: Freeserve FTP

try using this tel no: 1470 0844 056 400

the important bit being ‘1470’ first

35. Nickoli - 2007/07/03

I too, have had numerous problems with Orange, though with the phones rather than the broadband. I have noticed, though, then when I call the Orange automed phone hell system (“Customer services”) using the free number from my mobile, (150 on contract, 450 I think on pre-pay), the first menu asks whether you’re calling about a mobile or broadband query, so the answer to expensive calls to them seems to be to use an Orange phone – I’m sure you can find one to borrow from somewhere.

Direct Debits can only be cancelled by you, not by the company receiving payment. I’ve cancelled my direct debit to Orange before, when it was the only way to get them to listen.

36. Hannah. - 2007/07/14

all i wanted was to buy an orange phone.
I didnt want a geet mission about how bad things are. Things like this shouldnt be allowed to come up in searches, brings bad karma.
Sounds like you have great fun in your spare time. Nice one.


37. angryathannah - 2007/07/14

@Hannah – You are beyond stupid. You see problems, you see the solutions, but you ignore it all. Shit, it is bad enough to be naive and ignorant, but much f**n worse to actually WANT to be naive and ignorant! I will tell you, the only thing worse than wanting to be naive and ignorant is to come onto a nice, hardworking family blog and totally bother to slag everyone off for even trying to help stupid f***faced idiots like you from getting into trouble with companies like orange. If things go wrong for you with orange then i bet you will think it is because of this site and your weird f***d up ideas about bad karma. Jeez you must seriously be an immature f***n 12 year old. Nice one. assole!

38. Broadbandit « devine - 2007/07/21

[…] cross ref […]

39. fieldofsky - 2007/07/26

POWER. They,ve got it we want it. They bullshit we believe it.
The best ISP’s are invisible, they bend over backwards to deliver faultless comunications so we forget they are there. Dose anybody know one?

Freeserve wanadoo orange – who gives a shit what name – we pay you now deliver.

40. fieldofsky - 2007/07/26

I wanna upload stuff to my freeserve web space from broadband – dreamweaver wont connect – error 421

41. Hannah. - 2007/09/05

okay then. Nd actually im 15. And i didnt bother to read that load of abuse. But calling me immature seems a bit hypocritical seeing as your the won arguin with teenagers, swearing at them and calling them shit. So get over it mate. Some people have better things to do. (y)

42. the devines - 2007/09/06

Hi Hannah, I am glad that you laughed about the comment. We posted this a year ago and has proved to be very popular, not just in hits, but in attracting comments too!

We post for ourselves, but we know that folk stumble across our blog (and sometimes the search engines pick it up) — that is all out of our control.

We do realise that our experiences can help other people by making them aware beforehand what might happen and how to avoid it. The post and the comments together might even make Orange sit up and take note.

You talk about karma, and we are great believers in karma — which is exactly why we have this blog. Spread the love!

43. John - 2007/09/08

Hello Hutchy,

Re: Freeserve FTP
> try using this tel no: 1470 0844 056 400
> the important bit being ‘1470′ first

I’ll certainly do that – thanks for the suggestion. I’m able to connect to the ‘net and surf without any problems but cannot ftp – I always used the same number for everything previously but I’ll certainly try your number…

Freeserve – oops Orange – have recently changed their access number – they mailed me and were quite insistent that I run a little exe file which would automatically update the number for me. Now I’ve run their exe files before – they change other things on your pc as well so I give them a wide berth. For anyone out there the new access number is:-

0844 058 7000

This gives access BUT will not allow ftp’ing…

I’d drop these clowns like a stone – problem is I have pages hosted by them and I need to update…


44. diamond - 2007/09/09

The orange server connection numbers do not make a distinction (how could they?) for FTP. A direct connection is a direct connection — you surf, do e-mails, IM, chat, and FTP. It makes no sense to have a separate number for FTP access! Unheard of. Consider the ISP server access telephone numbers a red herring or a bum steer I am afraid. The numbers you are given to use depend on whether you are pay-as-you-go or anytime etc. Do NOT try using the numbers allocated for different packages!

If you are connecting to the internet via a broadband connection or using a non-orange ISP, you will be able to access your orange e-mail through your browser, and you will be able to receive e-mails using your browser or pop e-mail software, and you can set up a new website and do FTP uploads and file management through your browser — BUT you won’t be able to use FTP software, AND you won’t be able to access your old sites created under the FTP access!

If you are using the correct dial-up telephone number to access the server under your package, you should be able to use your FTP software to manage your site. If you cannot, then you need to tell Orange to remedy the situation ASAP.

When it gets fixed, ask yourself what will happen in future — you need to protect yourself.

You could get the site hosted somewhere else and replace all your orange hosted pages with a message placeholder page with the new url as a link or automatic transfer. (This preserves the internet’s integrity).

You could do this and still use Orange to host — just connect to the net through your Talk Talk or Virgin broadband (for example) and create a site and do the FTP through the browser (and remember to re-activate the account every 90 days)!! This is a tip for people thinking of using Orange to host their pages.

Another tip is to get a domain name — a domain name is pennies cheap. People type in the domain name URL to visit your site — but the real host can be your Orange site, with a domain name and domain name forwarding (cloaked or not), so you are in control.

So if you cannot update pages or access your site (etc), you simply get your pages hosted somewhere else and change the domain name forwarding. Job done. Leave your old pages to preserve the integrity of the web.


45. Phill WOoller - 2007/10/21

>The orange server connection numbers do not make a distinction
>(how could they?) for FTP.

It’s technically possible for orange to block access to anything on the internet based on the number you dial, whether it’s one of their servers or not.

Their own servers have access to their dial up servers, so they can validate that you didn’t withold your number etc.

You can easily be connected to different routers depending on how you dial up, which can affect what else on the internet you can use.

46. Richard J Keirle - 2007/10/23

All posts here very interesting.
I’ve been with Orange from Dixons-Freeserve getgo – now Orange. Months and months ago, I emailed Orange to ask why my BB/Livebox can’t access their free webspace, – reply “there is a known problem…we’re working on it etc.” …to access / upload-download etc.”

I have to disconnect Livebox and connect Linksys WAG354G adsl modem/router, and then Dreamweaver|connection (upload/download etc) to my free webspace is OK.
…haven’t done this for a few months, going to try it in a minute – such a hassle to change modems around – (I normally use my WAG354 as a dumb router)
…so I hope that people here saying that the (Orange) free webspace is inaccesible using BB are wrong !! i.e. don’t want to have to diddle around setting up dial-up and PAYG !!!

regards, Richard

47. anthony cope - 2007/10/25

lets face it orange are complete crap. i have been disconnected now for 6 weeks and rang orange tech support & customer servive ( ha ha) 32 times and got the same buulshit as everone else so get out now

48. Bluwind360 - 2007/11/21

Regarding the purpose of this post : cancelling orange.
to get around not having to use the expensive phone lines, send them a really disgrunteled email saying you are disabled, have zero hearing and that they under current uk law must offer you the ability to immediatly cancel the service online via email.
If they try to fob you off mention to them that not doing so is a breech of your human rights and your local RNID charity spokesman has said they are willing to back you from a legal standpoint. quarenteed you will receive and account closed confirmation within minutes.

49. rtone - 2007/12/20

I think this post is about wanting to stay with orange and upgrade to broadband.

When the upgrade turned out to be a problem regarding access to ftp and web sites, (and customer services) they found a better deal elsewhere.

Only then did they discover problems cancelling orange/ the credit card direct debit scam.

Therefore I think the purpose of this post is to serve as a warning to orange customers who might want to upgrade or cancel orange, and it may also warn people off starting with orange in the first place.

Merry Christmas!

50. mickal - 2008/02/04

ORANGE ARE FxxxxxG CRAP I`M Lucky if i stay online for an 1hr a week on this broadband starter package..at £14.99 its a JOKE!!! I am trying to change and get a MAC Code but they dont wanna help and wont provide me with one…think i am gonna try a human rights act and get outta it and just cancel the direct debits…they are not worth a cup of cold piss….i agree with everyone stik wiv the phones.. wont have one of them either…WANADOO was my account and could not fault its service…

crap and useless service etc….

51. Angie - 2008/02/07

In the 90’s I built a website using ZYWeb as invited by the then Freeserve. That site is now very outdated and as I can no longer edit it via ZYWeb or any other means, I emailed ZYWeb to say I wanted it deleted and asked if they could they help.

Here is the response:
As you have the site hosted by Freeserve, you will need to speak to them to have it removed from their webspace.

Rob Bowker,
Customer Support

Looks like I may now be in for a rough ride with Orange then !!
We shall see.

52. Rebecca Mackay - 2008/03/03

I appear to be having the same problems with cancelling / not being able to read website Contact details etc:

So a big thankyou to all the above for comments, helpful advice and most importantly LEGIBLE CONTACT DETAILS. I can;t believe I’ve been paying £17.99 a month for basic SLOW broadband for all these years since it was freeserve. Luckily I’m moving so I can change ISP provider as well as my phone number!

Hey ho! Back to the phone I go.

53. Vinnie - 2008/03/10

Yes people are right – orange are SHIT! I’ve been on the phone to them for half an hour this evening. Dec 06 we stupidly thought it would be a good idea to buy their ‘broadband in a box’, paying for 12months of broadband upfront. Alarm bells should have been ringing straightaway when it was a nightmare to set up…..Anyway that’s all history now and I’m more bothered with the fact that we are no longer orange customers yet they are still being a pain in the arse. Last november we decided to change to sky and contacted orange to get the macc code. Everything ran smoothly until we noticed in january that they had deducted £15.99 from our credit card. We contacted them immediately and were informed that the we would be refunded within 48 hours. We gave them til the end of the month but no refund so contacted them again and again we were told that we would be refunded within 48 hours. STILL NO REFUND!!!! It seems that orange’s customer service policy is built around repeatedly lying to people. We’ve contacted them today to be told that we won’t be getting a refund until april due to their ‘billing cycles’. I told them that it was unacceptable to have to wait so long since they have deducted it from our credit card and we have been accruing interest ever since, not to mention the numerous phone calls we’ve made. Their solution is for me to write to a letter of complaint to their useless P.O. Box address. I told them since it was their mistake it is unacceptable for them to cause customers further inconvenience and make them jump through hoops for compensation. However i realise now that it was pointless saying all of this since orange clearly aren’t bothered about their reputation and don’t understand the basic rules of customer care. After reading all the complaints on this webpage I am at least grateful that they haven’t continued to deduct money from my card each month. But am left with one question: HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO GET A REFUND OUT OF ORANGE???

54. DarJon - 2008/03/18

I’m afraid I disagree with Squash – many phone networks lock their handsets, but you can get any handset unlocked for a fee (except from the iPhone, of course). And you can run Linux/Ubuntu, Windows and OSX on Apple Macintosh computers – its just the case of knowing how.

Anyway, I strongly agree and we have an incredibly similar situation with the Orange thing. We started with Freeserve on the PAYG plan, then switched to Anytime, much like yourself. We switched to Broadband a while back but I have only just realised despite paying the same price ever since we have been with them (£17.99 a month), we were only getting ‘up to’ 512Kbps! Thats half a meg! Even my Nan has faster internet! We queried why and they offered to upgrade us to a 5Mbps plan – that was back in December. We are still on that same, sluggish speed. Again, we queried, and they simply blamed BT for their line quality. Impossible. These are brand new houses, and even if the line was bad, how come our next door neighbour is getting almost 8Mbps with a different provider?! Ludicrous.

We have decided, we will cancel our contract because technically, they are breaking the Terms & Conditions themselves by not giving us the service offered, and we will try out O2, as they seam to have a very decent, cheap and fast plan.

Good riddens, Orange!

55. Gareth - 2008/06/09

Yes i empathise with many of the post above, Orange are totally inept and useless. The connections is now running at 256Kbps!!

Ive emailed and emailed and rang and rang and been lied to and patronised over and over and because the phoneline interference is so bad I cant hear them and they told me to use a different line to ring them! After going through different ‘options’.
Unbelieveable they surely must get prosecuted in some way for the awful service they half give??? Theyre basically a ‘cowboy’ ISP!!

56. Chris Cox - 2008/06/21

“The best ISP’s are invisible, they bend over backwards to deliver faultless comunications so we forget they are there. Dose anybody know one?”

Yep. Eclipse Internet – http://www.eclipse.net.uk – are multiple ISP Award winners, I’ve been with them for months and I’m very happy.

My referrer code is ARTISANPC, if you want to sign up (I recommend you join the referrer program too, you could earn up to £50 for each referral).

Feel free to email me for more details.

57. derric - 2010/01/13

orange is the bigest shit in the world !!!

58. gio - 2010/02/02

internet everywhere? i used mine in malta and came home to a bill of over £700 for using it there where malta why dont they call it internet everywhere in the uk only. when i called orange did they care i had to sleep out where, every where but home .you see after paying them i could not afford to my house so to reform i had to sleep in a tent / car for 5 weeks i now share a house and have almost paid all there bill they sent me for what o yes usi ng internet every where. do they care a dam ?

59. Goolash - 2010/10/24

I have had this same problem with uploading or listing the directory on my old Freeserve website when I upgraded to Orange broadband. Their support person said that these old accounts had been switched off for some people and not for others. I could sense that they were fobbing me off so I persevered and eventually this year I found somewhere on the Orange support site that if you switch off the firewall on your Livebox it will let you upload to the old Freeserve sites. I hope this helps some people. Apart from this problem I have had few problems with Orange in the past ten years.

60. Leandro - 2013/06/01

Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look
forward to new posts.

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