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The Last Kiss 2006/10/21

Posted by Mummy Ruth in nights out, Reviews.

[Picture of Zach Braff]Last night we got mumsie to babysit and Dave and I went out to the cinema to see the Hollywood remake of ‘L’Ultimo Bacio’ which we saw back in 02 March 2004. [See Dave’s review of ‘L’Ultimo Bacio’]

[Picture of Jacinda Barrett] ‘The Last Kiss’ at Odeon at the Quay starred Mr. Zach Braff, from the US American medical TV sitcom, ‘Scrubs’ as ‘Michael’.

[Picture of Rachel Bilson]Supporting Zach were Jacinda Barrett as the parter, and Rachel Bilson (of US American TV’s ‘The OC’) as the young fling.
To my surprise, Braff turned in a very good performance in this film — which is a fair translation of the original Italian Job. A copy-cat production that just didn’t quite make it. I would still recommend people to see the Italian film; it’s just BETTER.

[Picture of Blythe Danner] [Picture of Tom Wilkinson]

However, for me, the film was stolen by Blythe Danner (developing her ‘Meet The Fockers’ role), and Brit Tom Wilkinson as ‘Jenna’s’ parents going through their own changes and adjustments. The calibre of the acting from there two veterans was excellent; they produced powerful, believable performances that should get some recognition come gong time. It pin-pointed perfectly the dichotomy of being a sorted-out all-knowing, wise parent — a perfect example/ role model — and being, well, a person just like everyone else, full of flaws and fears. Superb.

I still prefer the original; the Italians really let their arguments r-i-p! After seeing ‘L’Ultimo Bacio’, we were drained — almost as though we’d been through it all as part of the film. We couldn’t get away without talking about the film and relationships. The Italian original managed to avoid anything Italian, to be about people — whereas the American version did seem to get across wealth, possessions and lifestyles more. This time we left talking about campervans and porches, decking and verandas, rather than the content of the script.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good film, more of a chick-flick and should do well on an evening TV slot… it’s just that the original would be terrible on TV or DVD; it needs the big screen to manage the fights, to get you involved in them, if you see what I mean. It is difficult to explain why one should be good TV, but believe me it is so. We do not feel that our £12.50 was well-spent, unfortunately. Lol!

[Picture of our cinema tickets]

At least the night was still young when we left the cinema, and so we went for a lovely meal and followed this up with a drink in a local pub before heading home to relieve mumsie from her duties.  Olivia slept like a baby, funnily enough!  So it was not such a bad night out after all.


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