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Home-Made Pasta 2006/11/27

Posted by Daddy Dave in Cooking, Tips and Tricks.

[Picture of WL Pasta Maker]Making fresh pasta is cheap, quick and dead easy. However, fresh pasta is only for Lasagna, Cannelloni, Ravioli etc. The Italians I’ve met insist that dried pasta is best for spaghetti, tagliatelli, twirls, swirls and anything needing to be ‘al dente’. Before I knew this I wanted to impress Ruth by making dinner one night — 100% fresh spaghetti made from scratch — I even bought a WL Pasta Making Machine from OMC Marcato in Italy. It cooked in seconds and was far too soft. What a disaster!

Work Time: 15 mins
RestTime: 30 mins
Makes: 680g (loads) (more…)

Flummoxed 2006/11/26

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[Picture of KDE logo]I am thinking about switching to Linux again! Years ago, I installed it on a Toshiba Satellite 2610, and my first impressions were good and bad; good looking operating system (‘KDE’ has 4 desktops!), but difficult and geeky to install.

I have now obtained another old laptop (with a swappable bay for floppies and CD ROMS), and it is struggling to run win2k. (more…)

Our FireFox Extensions 2006/11/09

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Ruth and I just LOVE Firefox to bits! here’s a list of the extensions we chose to download for this browser. (more…)

Replace The Slow Acrobat 2006/11/09

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 has been getting me down recently; it is so massively big and slow. I decided to remove it and dig out an old Reader that would be quicker to use, maybe Acrobat 4 or Acrobat 5. I was amazed at the size increases with each version! Acobat 4 is about 5MB, but Acrobat 7 was nearly 30MB!


Fireworks on The Green 2006/11/06

Posted by Daddy Dave in Family, nights out, Reviews.
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Yay! We took Olivia to her first firework’s night — the big event at Glasgow Green.