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Fireworks on The Green 2006/11/06

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Yay! We took Olivia to her first firework’s night — the big event at Glasgow Green.

It was a spur of the moment thing as we were out and about at the right time. We had been visiting Olivia’s nana and uncle Billy and instead of turning home, we just went straight on into the city, over the Clyde and along the north bank to The Green.

But the traffic was getting heavier, and parking was becoming an issue, so we crossed back (over the Albert Bridge) to the south side and soon found a space. For some reason, Olivia loves to remove her shoes and socks when strapped into her wee carseat, so when we park there is always the 5 minutes of searching and dressing!

[Picture of The Mclennan arch]We were parked opposite Nelson’s Needle, at the Whisky Distillery, so we realised that we would have to walk back to the Albert Bridge to cross the river to saltmarket, under the Mclennan Arch and into The Green then along through the fun fair (“The Shows” as the locals say) to the Needle where the fireworks were sited. Three sides of a big rectangle, basically.

It was dark, and the clouds were patchy, allowing through a big bright round moon to light our way. It was gusty at times, but the wind wasn’t carrying a chill. At least it was dry — in the past we have had to wade through mud and biting winds, so this was a delight.

[Picture of Glasgow Green Fireworks]We couldn’t see a bonfire, and we reckoned the site had moved downhill. We noticed a LOT of Polish and general Eastern European types — at one stage we were even handed a camera and asked to take a group photograph! In a sea of harsh accents with the boom-boom bass and drum of Franz Ferdinand, the fireworks just started. There were plenty of lulls during which we thought that the show had finished. This was the poorest showing we have seen on The Green.

  • This is supposed to be the biggest Fireworks display in the country and one of the biggest in Europe! — And in addition, it was billed as a special one — dedicated to showing Glasgow in a wonderful light to help the bid to host The Commonwealth games in 2014! (seeglasgow.com VisitScotland.com MyGlasgow.org)

    [Picture of Glasgow 2014 fireworks show 2006]

Disappointing from that point of view, then. However, from our point of view, it was fabulous — I will always remember Olivia’s face as she sat on her mum’s shoulders looking at the sky at the first fireworks. We took it in turns to hold her up, and she seemed to enjoy herself. Lots of fresh air and staying up late!

[Picture of Ollie]We had to wait around for 30 mins or so, but Ollie was really well behaved. She was on her pink reins — and she managed very well considering the masses and grasses. But 19:30 is her bedtime, after all, and we started trekking back to the car after 20:00, so the wee soul was beginning to flag.

Well, 60 thousand people swarming out of The Green and heading for their cars equals traffic chaos. Ruthie and Ollie were tired and hungry, so we decided to drive around the problems — to head east, skirting The Green, then south — heading for Shawfield Stadium and Rutherglen then slipping through Toryglen (where they did the latest Sony Bravia TV ads), passing Hampden. This plan was brilliant; our only hold-up was at the Green (because the traffic lights had been turned off and it was all being — badly — done by police).

[Picture of Baby Olivia]We fed the baby as soon as we got in, and we skipped her bath, putting her straight to bed at just after 21:00 — and she was out like a light, wee soul. Ruthie and I were not far behind either! It was quite tiring for Ruthie — I think she does too much for a pregnant mum.


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