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Our FireFox Extensions 2006/11/09

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Tips and Tricks.

Ruth and I just LOVE Firefox to bits! here’s a list of the extensions we chose to download for this browser.

  • Talkback to submit a crash report to Mozilla
  • Yahoo! Toolbar (which we actually don’t use)
  • Change – a currency conversion tool (which is fab!)
  • Live IP Address — simply displays the IP address in the browser footer. Wonderfully Simple and Why Did No-One Think of That Before?
  • AdBlock — superb, we use it all the time. Once configured, Yahoo! Hotmail and other sites have NO adverts and look lovely – no flashing ads. Happy :)
  • Mouse Zoom — Did it a few times, but I guess we’re used to zooming using the CTRL instead of pressing a mouse button zooming. Having said that, it does happen and we haven’t removed it.
  • Video Downloader – it kinda conflicts with Adblock, but we work around it when we use it – which is rare to be honest, it’s just nice to have it there for when you DO need it. Simplifies something that is a pain in the ass, which means it makes life better. Good.
  • Web Developer — this is astonishingly superb! We love it, turn on the toolbar and you can manipulate web pages in a really fun and quite mad way.
  • FireFTP — I downloaded this and installed it, but as yet we have not used it (still have the old Terrapin on the go). Promise to get round to it soon.
  • Murl — quite nifty as I am always pasting URIs into Tinyurl. Now I can shorten a long-winded web URI in a couple of mouse clicks. It is simple and easy.
  • Forecast Fox is superb. It displays the weather and temp on the browser — we put it at the top along the File>>Help menu space. We’ve used it for about 4 days and it is actually correct about the weather and temp! It updates every so often. Fab.
  • Tab catalog — turns Firefox into Avant — almost! It allows a thumbnail view of all tabbed pages – wonderful for quick navigation. We LOVE this!
  • Mouseless Browsing is on trial as far as we are concerned, I like it; we do not always have a mains lead and a mouse — we have wireless and use the touch pad — this extension is great in that situation: activate by holding down Fn and the decimal point then all the links on the web page get a wee box with a number in them – you type in that number (with the ctrl held) and it works like a dream. Then you turn it off in the same way.
  • Mailman — the last but certainly not the least… in fact possibly the best! This wee toolbar simply checks all your email accounts — a number of yahoo accounts a number of hotmail ones and several pop3s too — for Ruthie and me. All you do is configure it with your usernames and passwords — and it works — you do not even have to log out and log in again to switch it is FANTASTIC and an absolute necessity now. We cannot imagine living without it.

However, we upgraded to from 1.5 to Firefox 2.0 and it was a bit of a fuss; we had to uninstall Firefox completely and remove the folder in Program Files/Mozilla, then install afresh. Works fine with the extensions… only problem was the Yahoo! toolbar, but as we don’t use it anyway it’s no big deal.


1. Blythe - 2006/11/25

Very useful thanks

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