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Replace The Slow Acrobat 2006/11/09

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Tips and Tricks.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 has been getting me down recently; it is so massively big and slow. I decided to remove it and dig out an old Reader that would be quicker to use, maybe Acrobat 4 or Acrobat 5. I was amazed at the size increases with each version! Acobat 4 is about 5MB, but Acrobat 7 was nearly 30MB!

I only open PDFs, and because it is so slow it hangs the browser, so I use the reader stand alone. I saw a speed-up program on the Internet, but then I came across Foxit.

This is smaller that any version of Adobe Acrobat I own — it’s tiny at only 1.5MB, so it is lightning fast. It has no spyware (unlike Acrobat7) and as far as I can see it is exactly the same — you can search, print, rotate, zoom — everything! However, it is BETTER as you can annotate — draw diagrams and add text — MARK UP right onto the PDF and then save it as a PDF. Goodbye RXHighlight!

This is fabulous! I would heartily recommend this free software to everyone — remove Adobe Acrobat Reader immediately, install Foxit instead, and speed up your computer’s performance and your life.

  • Free software that looks and does the same, one allows you to comment/annotate/redline and is 1.5MB, the other is 30MB — you choose!

By the way, I use the PDF button on Open Office documents as well as the free PDF995 to create PDFs, so my all document software is legitimate and free as well as faster and less hungry for my resources. I see that Foxit also do a creator, so I will look into that as an option.


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