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Changing Lights 2006/12/03

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks.

You know it’s winter when the lamp bulbs start blowing due to the change in pressure and temperature. They all seem to go at once. It’s weird. I have some old ceiling mounted eyeball spotlights , and they always cause problems because they are Edison Screws, rather than bayonet, so they can be really difficult to screw out — especially if they’ve been in for a long time.

[Picture 1]Anyway, I hate sweating at the top of a ladder, straining to unscrew these things, so a few years back I gave it some thought and came up with my tape-method of removing them. What you do is tear a short length of tape — it works well with masking tape and duct-tape, and stick it to the bulb as shown.

[Picture 2] [Picture 3]

With both ends of the tape stuck to the bulb, simply squeeze the loop together to form a handle that allows you to twist the bulb to unscrew. Dead easy!

[Picture 4]The amount of times I have amazed people with this neat trick! So when I had to change a bulb today I thought I would blog the method and share it with the world. Enjoy.

Maybe someone will make a video of this for MySpace, lol!


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