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The Scan That Never Was 2007/01/22

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Health, Whinge.

We are furious! The NHS is a complete joke! I was given a first ultrasound scan on 13 November last year, and a follow-up antenatal check-up on Wednesday 6 December 2006 where I heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time. They said then thatI would be closely monitored and I was given all sorts of promises and reassurances, but then they mixed up the appointments and the promised 22 week scan has turned into today’s 24 week scan.

Last time I found it extremely difficult to cope with a bad back, a busy waiting room and a tired, bored toddler, so David cleared his diary and accompanied us to today’s ultrasound scan appointment – and although it costs us a lot of money (as a result of reduced billable hours) – if something happens like last time then David could care for Olivia. And anyway, he wants to see the baby just as much as me!

But after turning up before 09:00 and hanging about the busy waiting area for 35 minutes – they actually told us to go away! They seemed bewildered as to why we were even there! The surly midwife sneered:

“What are you doing here for a scan! Tut tut; you’re only 24 weeks pregnant!”

David’s hackles began to rise, he clenched his teeth and tersely said to her:

“But that’s the deal: it’s because she got pre-eclampsia last time”

She turned away dismissively,

“Well, then make an appointment for 2 weeks’ time – at the desk”.

So we had wasted our time! David was very annoyed – not merely because of the loss of money, and his mounting backlog and work deadlines – but also because she had, the system had, spoiled a special family moment that we had been excited about for weeks. We had spent a long time talking to Olivia about the new baby and about this scan – we had even bought her a wee nurse’s outfit complete with stethoscope to listen to the baby!

What a spoiled day. Oh dear! Poor Olivia, poor Daddy and poor me!


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3. Rory - 2007/04/18

You’re quite right, the NHS is sadly failing. It was a lovely idea – but it is simply not fit for the C21st – and in my opinion did a great deal of harm to (i.e. killed) the “organic” and (up until then) rapidly developing private/voluntary/non-profit health care and insurance systems that had been developing since the mid-C19th. We are, unfortunately, now only left with the NHS and a handful of large conglomerates to choose from. Oligopolgy anyone?

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