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Olivia on YouTube! 2007/03/18

Posted by Dave in Baby, video.

We love YouTube — and felt guilty that we were not giving, just taking all the time — so we decided to upload an AVI clip I took of Olivia messing about in her cot. It shows how much energy she’s got, and what fun a 2 year old can have in a confined small space with no toys and few clothes. See her bags of energy and developing imagination and language skills! I called the clip “What’s That Coming Over The Hill?” after the song “Monster” by The Automatic — which for some reason makes Oli go wild on cue! Enjoy…


Then I added one from the day before, when we were out shopping. Olivia dressed herself that morning it must be stressed! She insisted on the black cat hat and pink anorak! She scampered about the shop, and I rushed behind with the camera as she looked for Ruth.



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