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Parking At The Princess Royal Maternity 2007/05/18

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This is what the ticket machine has printed on it. Personally I don’t think it is very clear. I do not think most people would be too keen to stand in the cold wind and rain after parking their car, to figure out the real costs.

Charges Apply
8am – 6pm
10p per 12 minutes


I bet that, as a result, the council is making an absolute fortune. I’ve seen people pay when it is the evening hospital visiting hour (19:00 – 20:00).

  • The evening visiting is in the FREE period!
  • The afternoon visiting hour should only cost £0.50 per car, but I see loads of visitors putting in pound coins!

It seems that it costs £0.10 for one period of 12 minute, maximum is 4 hours
4 hour x 60 minute/hour = 240 minute
240 minute/ 12 minute/period = 20 period
20 period x £0.10/period = £2

  • I think it should state in bold letters that the most money you should ever put in is £2, especially as it says “No change given” and “Overpayment Accepted”.
  • I also think it should state clearly that it costs no more than £5 to park all day.

Better Information

Maybe a timetable like this would be helpful:

Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa —– 00:01 – 07:59 free
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa —– 08:00 – 12:00 £2 for 4 hours
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa —– 12:01 – 16:00 £2 for 4 hours
(afternoon visit hour is 50p except Su — free)
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa —– 16:01 – 18:00 £1 for 2 hours
(evening visit is free).

This shows clearly that you can park from Saturday evening at 18:01 through to Monday morning at 07:59 for free. It also shows that it costs no more than £5 to park for 24 hours, but that you have to actually visit the ticket machine and car twice (at noon and at 4pm) to replace the sticky tickets.

The Best Place to Park to Collect Mum and New Baby

[Picture of derelict building opposite PRM]
There is a derelict building opposite — all the windows seem smashed, and the roof is in tatters. There are two long bays clearly marked “Loading Only” — and a sign on the large lorry-sized doors to the effect that access is required 24 hours.

[Picture of derelict building opposite Princess Royal maternity]

In my opinion this just has to be free parking (for the time being and until the council catches on) — I would reckon that there would be no need to buy a ticket because the bay is not within the council’s parking area.

[Picture of derelict building opposite PRM]The bays belong to the building, and the building owners and operators applied for clear acces bays way back when when the building was in use and when there was a need for a clear 24 hours access and loading only area.

However, since the building is no longer in use, it surely must be the case that the restricted area is no longer applicable.

The buildings are derelict and must soon be declared dangerous enough for demolition, when there is no building there, the access area will become even more of a joke; for any cars parked there certainly will not be causing an obstruction!

[Picture of derelict building opposite PRM][Picture of derelict building opposite PRM]

This is an incredibly important discovery; there is a real problem with picking up new born babies by car.  The staff say it is okay to drive in to the ambulance bay, but as the wards are on the 3rd and 5th floors, and the corridor is long, any cars parked there could cause serious problems for very sick mums-to-be as it could be 20 minutes or so — and that means parking there is out of the question.  I know that parking can be a problem in the ticket bays — and the car could be up to a quarter of a mile away.  Having a new born waiting in the cold and rain while a car is collected is just crazy when there is this loading bay available right across from the exit.

I would suggest that the council and hospital recognise the need for fathers and new born pick-ups to have a quick short-term stay bay — and this derelict building’s access bay seems ideal!


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