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Buying Disposable Nappies 2007/06/17

Posted by Daddy Dave in Baby, hacks, Reviews, Tips and Tricks.
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I hate shopping for disposable nappies; I almost always get it wrong — and now the problem has got worse because I’m shopping for two kids and two sizes. I have searched the web for help on this, but nowhere can I find a definitive list of sizes to compare and contrast, so I took a post-it note along to the supermarket, and here are my findings: (more…)

How To Close a Bag of Crisps! 2007/06/14

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks, video.
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We have been using those plastic clips to keep bags shut, but then I came across this video which shows a new way to fold the bag to close it up tight (sadly through it doesn’t show us how to actually OPEN the damn thing): (more…)