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Tempus Fugit 2007/07/03

Posted by Daddy Dave in Musings, Whinge.

I really do wish I had more time to spend with the Ruth, Olivia and David — but I have been forced into taking on too many projects simply to solve cash flow problems caused by new legislation, so I am now drowning in workload —  jobs that should have meshed together nicely have been delayed by clients going on holiday or sacking their builder, so now everything is on my desk at the same time, and everyone wants their work down immediately — as if I was on “pause” or something while they faffed about! I haven’t had a night off or weekend free for months, and it’s looking like that for the time being.

  • I have been turning away new projects until things calm down. We’ve pulled the advertising for the time being — but I still have to set aside time to respond  to enquiry e-mails.

On top of all that, this batch of work, for some unknown reason, is crazy — I have one design that I know will not pass planning because it is forbidden to have wheelie bins out front, but they are blocking access to the rear — and have invented a sunken bin store in the front of the property!  This is but one — another is a nice we old fellah in Barrhead who wants an extension — but for the room width he wants, the roof line cannot work — so either the ceiling height is too low, and the room width reduced, or the roof is pitched differently — which might mean changing an entire garage roof (because the garage is attached). I really do not think they will allow that.  The job in Erskine is destined to fail because it encroaches on the neighbours, and kills their daylight, and the one in Thornliebank has been dragging on for months, with the owners adding en-suites, changing their mind about the location of steps, and finally the project on hold due to ill-health!

The school up in the islands had been going well, but then this week the services consultants have been changing things quite radically — so I’m under pressure to catch up.  At least the college in Glasgow is not causing me a lot of grief at the moment.  The other recent projects, such as the two Glasgow hospitals and my work on Edinburugh’s Quartermile seems to have been well-received and can be ticked off my list.

On top of everything, we’ve had a running problem with a host of accountants and with tax and NIC — all due to the changes in legislation in April, so it’s been a case of letters, e-mails and faxes back and forward.  We even couldn’t get paid for over a month — even though our clients had paid the accountants, we couldn’t access the cash because of banking problems caused by Gordon Brown’s sudden new law!

  • All one needs when one’s wife is giving birth is the additional worry of having zero cash-flow to pay the bills.

We have been forced to change time and time again as a result of this stupid and ill-conceived legislation, and as a result of misinformation and confusion, we have had to cut our losses and sack our accountants, and service company managers three times.  It’s still a mess, but we’re going though it slowly ourselves, and it will get sorted out, after all, book-keeping is not rocket science is it?  You do not even need an o-level in anything to keep accounts.

We’re taking charge again — the only problem is making time. Having said that, we have been spending so much time on all this anyway, that it will more than likely be less time consuming and less bother than dealing with these idiots!


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