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Goodbye Gary 2007/07/04

Posted by Daddy Dave in Musings.

I was so sad to hear that a work colleague had died suddenly.

I knew he had had cancer of the bowel, but he was in remission, back at work, and even playing for the five-a-side football team!

Gary was a good-looking lad, slim, with his blond hair in a crew cut and extremely blue eyes — like Paul Newman. He dressed well, and had a nice manner as well as a great sense of humour.

Good grief he had just turned 39. That’s not very old at all.

We shared some amazing co-incidences — with their first child, his wife got pre-eclampsia, and the baby was a wee girl born very prematurely at the same hospital as us — they also named the wee girl Olivia!

Basically, he was off 2 weeks, with a sick line. We did not expect to hear he had died leaving a wife and two young children. the news really affected me all day.


1. Kenny-S - 2007/08/01

Such a shame for Gaynor to be widowed to young. I hear that there has been a generous collection taken from all Gary’s work colleagues. This is more about the sentiment thanthe money.

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