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Office Night-Outs 2007/08/10

Posted by Daddy Dave in Musings.

I was working at the office of one of my clients, when I heard that some of the staff from various offices were having a wee get-together — a social night-out in a pub very near to when I live. One of the chaps in the office was invited along, but he did not know this part of the city at all, so I offered to give him a lift.

We left at about 16:30, and 20 minutes later, I parked in my usual spot and walked him up to the main road where all the pubs and restaurants are. I showed him the pub, and he seemed a bit concerned about the night ahead on account of the loud and energetic street fight outside a Wetherspoon’s pub so early in the night.

I shrugged and could only suggest that they stick with the expensive pubs as they tended to have less trouble. However, if he was thinking of doing the nightclubs in the area, they would be best sticking together as there is always violence in the wee small hours.

He asked me to join them for a drink, but I declined; we were invited to a dinner in Erskine, and there are road works and rush hour to contend with (not to mention getting the kids ready)! Apart from that, I have learned my lessons and the rule is: Thou shalt not confuse friends with co-workers. This is also true in reverse: don’t do business with friends and family.

No doubt I will hear all about their adventures in due course. I always fret for people who come into the city for a night out, and they do not know where they are or what’s going on! rather them than me; I would far rather have Ruthie and the family than having to deal with drunken numpties and slappers!

We had a brilliant time — a lovely meal and the kids centre-stage as usual. They did us proud.


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