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Beverley Knight at The ABC 2007/11/12

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[Picture of Beverley Knight gig at Glasgow ABC]We have been looking forward to the concert tonight for ages (see earlier post: Up-Coming Fun! Sat, 4th Aug 2007), but being a Sunday — and with Joobes and Chris in town for the weekend, we had a very busy day, and were rushing about trying to get ready when Mumsie and Alan arrived to babysit.

You couldn’t miss the venue as it was like a tour bus showroom out on Sauchiehall St. The venue itself is in the roofspace of the old ABC cinema, and is similar if a little smaller than the Barrowlands — and like the Barras, I felt for the crew having to drag heavy equipment up and down stairs.

There were three acts — a grumpy David Jordan (think of Terence Trent Darby), He lost no time in showing his bare chest and the tops of his white underpants as he spun, strutted and struck poses. The Guitarist sported an afro even though he was a skinny white teenager who thought he was Jimmy Page. The bassist did a bit of keyboards, and played a tight line with the drummer — however the bass player was a schoolboy with a runt’s moustache and the drummer was an anorak-wearing grinning sportsman! The keyboards were played by an African girl in loud clothes and massive love-heart earrings. They did not look likely friends — the band played and looked like they were thrown together at random by the record company. Misfitting and ill-at-ease in every respect — including musically. They killed a Eurythmics cover and a dreadful Police cover as well.

The crew removed their equipment, but a new drum kit was erected — indicating a second support act — this time an excellent warm-up in the unsigned Black Cherry Stone. This has a husband and wife core– him on drums and her on vocals. He looked like a 70s throwback with a big afro and a superfly waistcoat. He had the biceps for it mind you. She wore a silver and black sparkly top and black shorts, and was a size 16 at least — but that was not a bad point at all; it suited her well. She sang full-on like Tina Turner, her husband harmonised well, and played excellent drums — but the rest of the band was a real let-down. The bassist grimaced throughout, struggling along on his ‘orrible bright orange bass — which boomed and was muddy and subject to feedback. The keyboard player was over the top in a very fey gay way — it was as though he was seeking attention. Very distracting. The guitarist looked like he was still at school. He sported a dullard’s expression and played out of tune most of the time. Bum notes, buzzes, clicks and bad timing made me wonder what on earth was going on. I would have left had it not been for the singer — she belted out the songs in a grand style, bags of confidence and personality — enough to win X-Factor! She got the audience to clap, to wave their hands and to sing along — and she was so infectious that we all did as she bid! She did all the right things, working the crowd and the limited stage available to her — she mentioned the town by name, she flattered us, she strutted and did all the diva arm gestures we have come to expect, and she pulled off a good set by force of will and personality. She even managed to do a U2 cover!


[Picture of Beverley Knight gig at Glasgow ABC]


Beverley Knight MBE was surprisingly good. The three backing singers were great fun — a fit black bloke, a lovely big black lady and a white blonde — a great mix of voice types apart from anything else. The guitarist was competent, although his solos were safe. The bass player also played keyboards on a couple of tracks, and there was an acoustic set in the middle where the drummer came out from behind his kit to play bongos. On the left was a keyboard player, barely noticed behind a stack of equipment.

Beverley Knight, wearing a colourful kimono- type dressing gown sort-of thing, black bra and knickers and fishnet tights, is wearing very well indeed — not an ounce of fat, bags of energy and she just belts out songs from the get go, hits all the high notes with ease — and the low notes, and the trills and frills as well as holding on to certain notes longer than Pavarotti on Mogadon. It’s stress-free; you know that she knows what she’s about, that she’ll not go flat, run out of breath or forget her lyrics, yet it’s still edgy and powerful because she surprises you with the length, volume and pitch of certain notes — you just have to wonder how on earth she managed it after 15 gigs, night-after-night without a day off is simply amazing! And she’s not even half-way through her gruelling tour’s schedule.

[Picture of Beverley Knight gig at Glasgow ABC]Respect.

It is a polished act with a tight band — lots of dynamic variety, slow, fast, loud, quiet, R’n’B, soul, rock-chick — something for everyone I guess. She laughed and she cried too. She celebrated Glasgow winning the Commonwealth Games bid and she dedicated the gig to four “heroes” of the foiled terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport. Apparently they were at the gig, and it was remembrance weekend. Someone threw a Royal Stewart Tartan woolen scarf, and one of the backing singers tied it to a mic stand. Beverley appeared for her encores wearing it!

The gig was to promote her new album, “Music City Soul“, but she did her hits and stuff Ruth knows and likes from her last (Greatest Hits) album, “Voice“. The whole night was more or less £50 including the booking fee, so that’s £25 each — which, for a free David Jordan CD and three live acts is good value in anyone’s book — and as we reckoned on about 1000 people, the gross would therefore be £25000 a night — take off publicity, bus hire (no hotels), venue rent and food and they’ll all do well, but it is a punishing way to earn a few quid.

[Picture of Beverley Knight gig at Glasgow ABC]My fave was ‘Black Butta’ (an encore), and a couple of others (Ruth’d know them — she’s the real fan). I just tagged along for Ruth and her birthday — and I am glad I did, for I had a really good time. Ruth loved it. There was some violence — luckily we just heard about it (it was near the bar during the first support act), but that seem to be the way these days. Furthermore, I am not used to standing for so long anymore — so I found the stairs a lot of fun!


1. Alice - 2007/11/14

yeh i got drenched in sticky vodka or something, by a couple of old birds who were pissed. It was a pain cos my shoes were sticking to the floor so I couldnt dance and jump about with any coordination lol. I just went for the music. Getting sloshed isnt my scene. Great review. Pav on Mogadon. lol

2. utub - 2008/01/14

Amazing show. Clip on You Tube.

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