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devine Basic Tomato Soup 2008/08/05

Posted by Daddy Dave in Cooking.
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Inspired by my memories of home-made tomato soup, I finally decided to try to have a go at making home-made tomato soup from scratch. As soon as I got home from work, I got started.

Last night, I had checked out recipes from magazines, books and the Internet. Some recipes had a grated potato in there, along with butter, basil, and even things like carrots and celery.  I even saw one with Ritz crackers! I like the sound of those recipes that baked the tomatoes beforehand, but for my first shot, I stuck to the following essential Ingredients of tomatoes; onion; olive oil; one garlic clove; tomato purée; and  chicken stock.

Here’s my basic devine tomato soup recipe:

Prep Time:10 mins
Cooking Time: 40 mins
Serves: 6


  • 1 pot or kettle of boiled water;
  • 1 cooking hob;
  • 1 Soup Pot with lid;
  • 1 Wooden stirring spoon;
  • 1 sieve;
  • 1 sharp knife for chopping;
  • 1 chopping board;
  • Electric hand blender;

Shopping List:

  • 300g Tomatoes (2 packs of six tomatoes);
  • 250g (1 large) Onion [chopped];
  • 30g (2 tbsp) extra-virgin olive oil;
  • 20g sea salt;
  • 5g (two) garlic cloves [crushed];
  • 1 small tin of tomato purée;
  • 100ml of stock (1 Chicken stock cube).

To Make devine basic tomato soup:

Put tomatoes into the pot, pour over boiling water, peel off (and discard) the skins. Chop up the peeled tomatoes on the chopping board.  Set aside. Get some more water on to boil.

Chop up the onion, clear out the pot, add the oil and heat.

Add the onion and garlic to the hot oil and stir until onion is translucent.  Be careful not to burn the garlic as it tastes sour when burned.

Add the tomatoes, and keep stirring. Turn down the heat to a simmer. Make the stock (boiling water and stock cube), pour stock over tomatoes, onions and garlic. Add the purée. Turn the heat back up and keep stirring.

Season with salt and pepper. After 5 mins, put on lid and turn down to simmer for 40 minutes.

Use a hand blender to make everything smooth, then pour the lot through the sieve to produce the finished tomato soup.

Adding milk or cream (or even yogurt) make it very similar to popular tinned tomato soup, and it is all more delicious the following day.


Instead of peeling, chopping and sieving tomatoes, you could just buy a 250g carton of passata. This is because, believe it or not, Passata is  peeled, chopped and sieved tomatoes! However, I like the idea of doing the tomatoes in the oven to get in that extra roast flavour, which may be a worthwhile trade-off for the extra work.

I made this in under an hour, and it was delicious… but not quite the best tomato soup ever. But this forms the basis — a good starting point on my journey to get that special taste again!


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