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Goodbye Ross 2008/10/11

Posted by Daddy Dave in real life.
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Goodbye Ross Warden; we just found out that our window cleaner of over a decade has passed away.

His obit in the Herald is here: www.yourannouncement.co.uk/942497

It must have been sudden; we had no idea.  It seems it was a couple of months ago, but I suppose it is no surprise that no-one’s told us. I have no idea what he died from, but he always seemed hale and hearty to the naked eye.  I do hope it wasn’t anything painful.

Ross was a gentleman, a real nice guy.  Over the years we would have quite long chats at the doorstep, and he was never in a hurry.  He once fell through my bedroom window and made sure he replace the pane of glass!  Another time his lad had to do his workload because Ross had fallen from height and landed standing, breaking both his legs.

If I recall rightly, he was a Jehovah’s Witness, but you’d never know it as he didn’t push it to the fore.  He worked in travel before being a window cleaner, and had many tales of far flung places.  He always seemed polite, peaceful, calm and happy in himself. Outstanding features in anyone these days.

Our windows have not been cleaned for a while, and I think we’ll just do them as best we can — possibly get replacement windows that we can do from inside by ourselves.

But I shall miss my evening chats with Ross.  Oh well.


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