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Hue and Cry at The ABC 2009/02/22

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[Picture of Hue and Cry tickets for Glasgow ABC]We’d both been really looking forward to the Hue and Cry gig we went to last night, not merely because we don’t get out together very much, but also because we’re both fans from back in the early 1990s.

Ruth and I know every word and (more…)

Meeow! 2009/02/02

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[Picture of Meeow! Cartoon Titles]Sunday mornings are hilarious these days — and it’s all because of Children’s TV!

Scottish Television is back to being called STV again, and they have a thing called wknd@stv — which the kids watch while Mummy Ruth and I have breakfast.

We all roar with laughter at a wee cartoon called “Meeow!” voiced by the fabulous Stanley Baxter — and hand on my heart, this is the best thing on television at the moment!

It’s all about a wee kitty called Maisie MacKenzie  (MaisieMac) who (more…)

Going East 2009/02/01

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[picture of live Langoustines in See Woo Supermarket]They’re off again — Charlie and my dad are off to Singapore for three weeks.  Three weeks!   Good grief; they’re not long back from India!

DP adores his papa so much! And Oli is already missing them both. She stayed over with them on Friday night, and when she was dropped home late on Saturday afternoon, she was off colour.

When we dropped Oli off at theirs, Charlie made a delicious Chinese meal — and this inspired us to (more…)