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Going East 2009/02/01

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Cooking, Family, fun, Reviews.

[picture of live Langoustines in See Woo Supermarket]They’re off again — Charlie and my dad are off to Singapore for three weeks.  Three weeks!   Good grief; they’re not long back from India!

DP adores his papa so much! And Oli is already missing them both. She stayed over with them on Friday night, and when she was dropped home late on Saturday afternoon, she was off colour.

When we dropped Oli off at theirs, Charlie made a delicious Chinese meal — and this inspired us to get cooking!  So along we went to one of the massive Chinese Supermarkets in the city.  Instead of the obvious — Chung Ying’s at Dobbies Loan or Matthew’s in China Town — for a wee change, we went east (ha ha)– to “The Point” at Hamilton Hill — the massive See Woo superstore.

It is fascinating to see all the live crabs and lobsters.  We bought loads, and Daddy Dave made Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup — but without the oyster sauce and wonton sauce because he is allergic and intolerant to various types of seafood.

He did have fun skinning and deboning the chicken, and anyway, his soup wasn’t bad, but I bashed in some Chinese five spice and a little sugar and it started to come around.

Daddy Dave wasn’t delighted with the noodles. You see, he likes the very fine vermicelli noodles in his Chinese chicken noodle soup, but he didn’t want to add them to the big pot of soup as starchy things make the soup go “off” sooner — so he did the noodles in a pot of boiling water for a minute and a half, drained and added them to the soup bowls.

Although the soup may last longer, he felt the noodles were “separate” to the soup — they needed to be actually in the soup, part of it — maybe even added dry and cooked in there! Maybe when we get it right, we’ll post the recipe here.

He also might try doing the noodles as normal, but then giving them a quick fry in the wok before adding to the soup — he is sure that is what one of the Sauchiehall Street Noodle Bars do because their soup tastes “smokey” — whatever that means LOL!

No doubt, he’ll try again.  Maybe we’ll be audacious enough to attempt a Chinese meal when next we have Charlie and papa over to eat!  Now that would be interesting!

Sun nien fai lok! (Happy Chinese New Year)

Olivia’s nursery has taught her that and one other Cantonese phrase — “Come here fat boy” or “Gung hay fat choy” — which apparently means “May you become prosperous.”
May your Choys always be fat.


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The link to See Woo doesn’t work (they must have changed their site) try: http://www.seewoo.com/ and go from there.

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