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Meeow! 2009/02/02

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews.

[Picture of Meeow! Cartoon Titles]Sunday mornings are hilarious these days — and it’s all because of Children’s TV!

Scottish Television is back to being called STV again, and they have a thing called wknd@stv — which the kids watch while Mummy Ruth and I have breakfast.

We all roar with laughter at a wee cartoon called “Meeow!” voiced by the fabulous Stanley Baxter — and hand on my heart, this is the best thing on television at the moment!

It’s all about a wee kitty called Maisie MacKenzie  (MaisieMac) who wears a jumper and a kilt and who dreams of becoming an explorer like her globe-trotting father (who works for the Adventurology Department of Edinburgh University). Her adventures take her far and wide with Granny, Mrs McKitty and her best pal Archie.

These 2D animation “Meeow!” episodes are based upon the “MaisieMac” books by Aileen Paterson.  A Gaelic version of the series was developed alongside its English counterpart by Robin Lyons (the chap behind the likes of “Fireman Sam”, “Bobinogs”, and the BAFTA-winning “Superted”), and Siriol Animation in Wales — in co-production with STV.

It is not exactly all over the internet (sadly), but you can get a DVD (Meeow! Around The World with MaisieMac)  from Amazon or ER.



You can watch missed episodes for a while at the catch up area of STV’s site.


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