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Hue and Cry at The ABC 2009/02/22

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[Picture of Hue and Cry tickets for Glasgow ABC]We’d both been really looking forward to the Hue and Cry gig we went to last night, not merely because we don’t get out together very much, but also because we’re both fans from back in the early 1990s.

Ruth and I know every word and note of Seduced and Abandoned, Remote, and Stars Crash Down — and we are loving the new album — Open Soul. It is rare that we both like a band — yet neither of us has seen them live — especially a local band!

The gig was sold out, and we knew the drill from last year, climbing the stairs to the top.  We decided to stay near the bar so that Ruthie could have a chance of seeing something, and that turned out to be an excellent idea!

They came on and went straight to work with Strength to Strength.  They were all dressed in suits, except for the black drummer.  Greg’s suit was a shiny silver , the rest wore dark ones, and Pat had all his buttons fastened up — I was put in mind of comedian Alexei Sayle, especially as the Kane boys have thickened out and lost their hair!

The drummer had a wee problem with his mic’s gooseneck; he would adjust it only to see it spring back to its original position.  I personally thought the kit was a bit too loud in the front of house mix, especially as he was battering the skins off the drums — to the point when he broke a stick, sending a shard of wood pinging off, high into the air. He was really good, though — and he had personality.

The rest of the band were personality-free.  They hardly moved at all!  We noticed that they seemed to perk up more on the newer songs, but even then, it was pretty restrained.

Hue and Cry arranged themselves on stage, with the guitar at back left, Greg Kane on keyboards front left, Drums back centre, Pat Kane front centre, then back right was the bass guitarist, and front right were the horn guys.

Pat oozed confidence, and he moved about quite a bit — in contrast to the rest.  Greg did a wee bit of acoustic, and in the middle of the set, the band left the brothers to perform on their own.  I don’t think I will ever forget that rendition of Mother Glasgow; I was moved to tears!  I think it was the way the thirteen hundred strong crowd sang as one — jeez, it was like Hogmanay! This crowd’s voice rose, louder and louder, swelling and engulfing Kane himself.  It was quite something.

Oddly enough, though I love all Hue and Cry stuff, I was never all that keen on Mother Glasgow as it seemed to cheesy and parochial — too Eddi Reader, too SNP or something.  But I suppose you have to experience the power of the song in the middle of a thousand or so singing Glaswegians — and it probably wouldn’t hurt to have downed a couple of pints either!

There was one guitar solo, and the horn player joined the Kanes for Violently. They were young guys, minimal, but slick and professional. My wee grumble would be that they didn’t look like they were having as much fun as the two brothers.  This kind of music demands dancing, head rocking, a few facial experessions, a couple of poses… ach, maybe I’m too picky!

There were three stars on the night — the home crowd support, the fabulous music, and Pat Kane’s amazing voice. He really could sing the phonebook!

Of course, they did Looking for Linda, Labour of Love, Ordinary Angel, and loads of others.  I would have liked to have heard more new stuff.  The ballad, Stumble Through The Dance, stood out, then Crazy In Love got the lassies jumping about, and I didn’t understand the reference to Stevie Wonder for the superb Headin’ For a Fall.

No complaints; they gave value for money — two hours of solid soul for just forty smackers is cash well spent.  Everyone there was a fan from long ago — quite a few baldies, lots of spectacles, a few suits.  I didn’t see anyone under 30.  Great.


1. Mike - 2009/03/01

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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